King Joe Jonas Sunset Oil Stache

Exclusive... Joe Jonas ReFuels In West Hollywood
Joe Jonas rocked his sexy mustache while filling up his expensive Mercedes SUV at Sunset Oil in West Hollywood, CA today. Joseoph also picked up some snacks for the road. Photos: FameFlynet.



    his pigeon toe walk is so cute!

  • yo

    He looks more mexican than an actual mexican

    • ty

      sorry but he dosent look mexican stop smoking is bad for you sweetie

    • Joe fan

      No he does not! sick of these kind of comments FU

  • miau

    José está enojado

  • Stephany Lopez

    Joe creepily looks like the younger version of my dad…omg!

  • KRP

    ok Joe Movembers over lose the stache youre looking like a pedo now.

  • Yeah he does

    he looks like Freddie Mercury

    • M355

      That’s an insult to Freddie Mercury.


        no, that’s an insult to Joe Jonas, Joe is much more handsome, better looking than Freddie Mercury ever was!

  • JJ456


  • JJ456

    I wonder if Joe & Nick are going to play together at kissbash like they did in Telehit or are they going solo. I kinda hope Joe is alone on stage. And Joe, please shave by then, thank you!

    • fcbgcfbh

      well they are gonna sing together in kissbash

  • M355

    I think Hitler had a Mercedes like that.

  • cerenagee

    Is Joe pigeon toed? Da fuqqqq. And ew shave the fucking creature growing on your face off

  • cerenagee

    How does bland a not get lost in that thing its so nast

  • Tash

    OU your Jonas hate is pathetic. He is innocently filling gas. It’s an old car hes had for years also! He isnt like bratty biebs who gets a new luxury car every 5 seconds, drives like a maniac, not even having a brain to think he can kill someone and just lets users abuse his things and have people die in the process. No he doesn’t behave like king biebs who thinks he’s above the law, common man and a god. So keep your bullshit to the bullshitters like that brat.

  • Lilly

    In that car he had sex with a girl and a few months ago Blanda was there, in the passenger side. Lol

    • anon


    • Tash

      He didnt say he had sex. Hook up means different things to different people. And im pretty sure that was years ago and even before he lost his virginity. So don’t just tell lies tomake him look bad. See how you haters take what he says and turn it. At least he doesn’t sleep with hookers and go make a movie justifying all his crap behaviour and manipulating people to make more money but having no respect foe anyone.

      • WatchOut

        Hook up has wone meaning and that’s sex.

  • Kayla Ann

    He looks super pissed at the paparrazzi, poor guy.But how the heck do they keep finding him,he always gets candids,why? but we barely see Nick or Kevin candids.It’s nice to see solo pics for a change,I got tired of seeing Blanda in every single candid with Joe.No hate,that’s just how I feel :)

    • annie

      Oh there are pics of Jlanda having lunch together on the same day as these pics were taken.I’m guessing he was on his way to fetching her,unfortunately

  • anonymous

    “Josoeph” ?? lol OU

  • anonymous

    I think his mustache looks good on him.Apparently Blanda likes it,so maybe that is why he is keeping it.But i hope he is keeping it because HE likes it not because of her… and he hasn’t been looking to happy these days.I heard they say things to celebs to get a reaction.I bet this pap is asking about all the latest drama surrounding him,and it’s pissing him off :/

  • yeah i know

    i hate when guys where black and blue like that.

  • Chelsea

    He left carrying Nutrogasm xD

  • Katniss