Selena Gomez Untold Bieber Date Story

A rich foreign emperor wanted to give her a $3M diamond.

Salvation Army PSA under plus more iHeart radio pix.


  • party

    once again selena using biever name to again audience she always using his name, girl earn your own stop using others, you should be ashame of yourself.

    • Cici

      not hardly. She’s earned her spot. As the interviewer praised her for. Get over beiber. Damn, she cant even tell a story without the ignorance jumping all over her.

    • A Cat

      You realize she was well known BEFORE Justin was even recognized?

    • geezz

      Bieber was a big part of her life, she will talk about him when telling her story. Get over it

    • Silver

      And yet Justin can write a whole album about her and you call it creative genius…. lol

  • party

    really she shakes her butty on stage and make sexual dances or her videos and stage and she gets touched by her dancer, her pr team need to stop telling people to stop saying that she keeps it clean and classy because she really doesn’t is just a pr team, but watch her concert she butty pops and she dances her ass on a dance and she dances on ropes in which strippers dance like that and don’t even get me stared about her video acting like she masturbating herself and her song talking about how to fuck a guy, hey miley keeps it cleaner than her on songs than selena does but because her pr tell all this people to say she keeps her clean and classy her dumb ass brainwashed fans are reapeating it lol, brainwashed her fans need to really see what she does and clean and classy is far from it, but they are getting brain washed by what her pr team say.

    • Ricardo

      The song are not about sex, you think they’re about sex because you have a dirty mind lmfao. (Maybe that’s what she’s trying to do)

      • party

        have you heard the lyrics? because maybe you are too dumb to understand them, she clearly states how she want a guy to fuck her and how she want him to go down on her, and not to mention she says she available any time he want to come get it and don’t even get me stared on the other songs, also she butty pop and shakes her ass or am I the only that watching what she doing, you do know that the classy and clean statement is sent to the interviewer so people actually think that they are brain washing you, you don’t believe go check her performance not to mention when she says come and get it she aims and her vagina and her breast.

        • Silver


        • wtv

          That could be damn well whe you’re ready(for a lifetime of commitment) come and get her love. Depends on the listener and the message he make ups on his mind.
          Beyonce shake her ass as nobody and she is considered the classiest. You know anything about class

    • anon

      Did you ever saw a ballet spectacle? They’re barely dressed and touching-feeling and yet it is considered one of the classiest thing ever. That’s not about clothes or touches

  • amy

    Everyone needs to stop praising Selena for being different than her peers and choosing to not be sexy. It’s crap. I’m not saying its bad that Selena is trying to be sexy. I take issue with the fact that she keeps claiming that she isn’t trying to be. She needs to stop being hypocritical and own up to what she is doing.

  • ariana grande

    but does anyone notice EVERY single interview she does, the interviewer has to shade miley by calling selena classy and thanking her cause they have kids and they’re glad their kids can look up to her like lmao. like @party said, her songs are so dirty and she even sings birthday by rihanna on stage, she’s not that classy, she’s just smarter about her decisions in the public eye i guess
    i try to like her but i don’t know, it’s really hard. and i’m pretty sure someone said she told people not to ask questions about justin, she could have easily told the story w/out mentioning justin i guess

    • Lily

      Because when they bring Justin is always in a negative light asking her why did he is out of control and crazy and it’s not the same when she brings him herself

      • ariana grande

        They never bring up his controversy tho. It’s mainly to see if they still talk or if she’s 100% single

        • Silver

          The interview she cut short months ago had asked that… And now she doesn’t want to risk being rude again. Come on give her a break. Let Justin do Justin but don’t bring down Selena in the process. It is unnecessary. He is releasing song after song about her too.

    • Silver

      It was a random story. Come on now, don’t you ever mention your ex boyfriend by name? Selena is just a normal girl like any of you all. I am happy that she can finally say my ex boyfriend and then say Justin like she doesn’t care anymore…. when you have just broken up the mere mention of the name is taboo… I am glad Selena seems over it hope it stays that way.

      • ariana grande

        Well yeah it wouldn’t be a problem but her people have strictly told interviewers no questions about Justin or miley, I just think she could have easily said it without mentioning his name yk

        • Silver

          Goes to show that she has no ill feelings towards Justin. She really doesn’t want to be asked what she thinks of the rumours of Justin being with multiple prostitutes and porn stars and she sure doesn’t want to be asked about what she thinks of Miley’s image now… she is abiding to the saying “If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all.” – and yet people still give her a hard time for that. smh

  • Silver

    You guys all have it backwards…. Who cares about her squeaky clean image…. Did you all not hear her say she had a crush on James Franco…!! The rumours were true then.