Ariana ‘Don’t Wear My Clothes To School’

ariana-grande-sex-clothes (2)ariana-grande-sex-clothes (1)Ariana Grande: feel like everyone’s under the weather right now. may just be the time of year.. hope everyone’s getting rest & taking care! stay warm not feeling so great.. can’t stop coughing.. going to bundle up and drink tea all night. hope everyone’s having a good day. sending u love

  • cerenagee

    She is sexy in a really cute proper way if that makes any sense at all

    • xxx

      she is the one that best represents a pedophile’s dream

      • Loli

        I agree ! She looks like a child wearing sexy adults outfits specially with long hair and make up. Guess she needs to cut that hair and stop wearing that Japanese girl school uniform

        • Caitlyn D

          i assume she likes looking like that


    please noooooooooooooooooo nudeeessss

  • Siel

    I want a sex tape of her and the ugly Wanted boy.

    • Caitlyn D


      • !

        nathan lol

        • Caitlyn D

          oh hahaha duh
          i wouldnt be shocked if 1 came out in the next few years

  • !

    100% sure those are clothes from a sex shop as she said her stylist gets the outfits lol

    • Caitlyn D

      oh the ‘my stylist got them’ hahahaha suuuuurrreeeeee

  • adele

    Well she looks cute and really this is the way tiny tiny young women like Ariana can look a little sexy without looking full out trashy. My feeling is that her look should be a little more sophisticated by now. I mean do the whole baby doll, kitten thing, but more sophisticated since her face is maturing. She’s really an attractive & talented young lady.