Bieber Video B*tch Attacks Selena

Selena Gomez already denied on Instagram that she was talking about Justin Bieber’s music video muse in All That Matters, but desperate for fame the Cailin Russo retaliated against Princess Selena’s innocent comments. Selena posted on Instagram:

‘I thought he only liked the Latina category. Smh.. #nomakeup #hatewhengirlssaythat’ and Russo thinks the note was intentionally aimed at her. She blabbed to Cosmopolitan: ‘It was clearly directed at him with me in the video, but like I said I was just doing my job. Selena is a superstar and I’m just a girl in a video. She’s his ex, and I’m sure they still have feelings for each other.

If my phone is out and I’m with people, I don’t want anyone to see if he texts me or FaceTimes me, ya know? I had a boyfriend up until the video and the drop. We broke up for about a week after, but we’re back together.. for now.

In the beginning it was kind of weird because I had never kissed anyone on set that passionately or that famous. I wasn’t a super fan of his before I did this and I just kept thinking to myself that people would kill to do this. I got butterflies and I do still to this day.

After the shoot wrapped it felt so surreal, I even got a speeding ticket after the shoot because I was on such a high. I guess you could say I wouldn’t mind doing it again.’

Bieber kisses girl who was in a car accident going to his concert under! NOTE: Saint Selena is #8 on TIME’S Best Dressed Of 2013! Sel will also perform at 2014 BorderFest in Hidalgo, Texas on March 8.

UPDATE: Bieber was threatened with arrest by airport police when his entourage was detained in Australia on suspicion of drug offenses. The Candadian douche and his entourage were stopped by members of the Australian Federal Police (AFP) after flying into Brisbane International Airport as part of the Baby star’s Believe world tour.

Two sniffer dogs reportedly targeted the group’s luggage, and one of Bieber’s crew, an unnamed 23-year-old man, was allegedly caught carrying cannabis. The traveler was ordered to appear in court to answer a charge of importing a border-controlled drug, named as cannabis, into the country.


  • A Cat

    Talking to Cosmopolitan about this is so unnecessary. I don’t think making someone big in the industry is a smart move.

  • anon

    She knows polemic will bring fame, but she should know that it is a fleeting fame. She clearly wants date Bieber. Hope she is lucky because I think a new girlfriend could calm him down

  • anon

    and Oceanup, watch your language!

  • no

    Now THAT is a coattail rider. Go away, random chick! When will people understand that this is the worst way to get fame, nobody will ever take you seriously once you try and ride off a tiny amount of attention without showing any reason why you should be relevant?

  • uhmm

    Why is she even being interviewed??? Like she said, she’s just a girl that was featured in a music video. Call the magazines when you actually do something worth noting.

  • cerenagee

    Thissss bitch. Hella thirsty for the biebs and fame. Go away dude. Name dropping will get you noticed for 2 seconds. You’re no one.


    she’s obviously thirsty for anything but it really brings to light selena and bieber’s true desperation for constant publicity : they don’t wanna fade like jonas

  • larry

    Wow. Serena clearly said it was not towards that chick nor beiber. It was just something she was use to hearing a lot so she just wanted to hash tag it saying it was annoying. People need to stop gossiping where there is nothing to gossip about and starting unnecessary “cat fights”.

    • larry


    • D:

      Right? Everyone knows that Bieber’s likes non latin girls too. His Beyonce’ crush is the main proof of that. He already had non latin girls in his videos before too. His first serious gf, Caitlin, is a blonde. And Selena knows all of this then why she would write such thing as “I thought he only liked latinas” and be aimed at him?

  • hmmm

    I wonder if she already knows about Bieber’s main side h*e, Jordan. She is the one she shoud be worrying about if she wants fight for him.

    • lol

      She wants that D

  • Silver

    This girl is ridiculous… Selena’s post said #hatewhengirlssaythat… clearly meaning she had heard it several times that she just wanted it to stop. This girl is thirsty and wants to be famous… sorry but video girls hardly ever get any renowned fame.

    • party

      sure and how do you explain the part about her saying I thought you only like the latina eh, is clearly aim at Justin, she always do this, just like when she was saying I was just a seatfiller on nick, and her sarcasm to the part when she said am listening to before the storm about nick and miley, she does this drama all the time, selena is the reason there is drama on Disney everyone got alone until she came to Disney and ruined it.

      • anon

        even my cat knows justin not likes only latinas. it was not about him

        • Guest

          Then your cat is very stupid and naive.

          • anon

            No. you’re stupid. what about Caitin Beadles, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Nick Minaj. None is latina and Justin dated Caitlin and has big crushes on the others ones. you want it be about him, so you has a excuse to hate Selena

          • Guest

            Damn her fans are dumb. Just accept it it’s a diss, if so not why did EVERYONE start drama about it? Why did she put it out after all of his antics with other girls? Bitch please, jealousy is something she has as a problem and her fans need to stop licking her ass, this isn’t hating it’s the damn truth. She posts those things herself and gets drama, if she doesn’t want it she would have done it, why did she delete the pic then if it’s so innocent? Shut the hell up and use your brain.,

          • anon

            his antics with others girls comes from a long time. why just now she would react? a bit late, no? she deleted because of the beliebers reaction the media was starting to make it a big deal

          • Guest

            And media would not report it and make a big deal if she didn’t hint it on Bieber, they barely report what she instagrams, now they did because SHE did it. Bitch please stay delusional fan, done with you believe what she says, like all her fans believe her lies lol :)

          • anon

            bitch stay thinking all is about him when using logic it makes not sense at all because selena and the world knows he always liked non latina girls. but whatever floats your boat and feed your need on hating

  • Missy

    I want to be in music Videos too. damn

  • Missy

    but she did mean him, even if she’s talking about it how much she hated it? Why dös she habe to Post it like seriously. There wouldn’t ne that Drama if she didn’t Post it. BUT SHE FUCKING HAD TOO. So don’t tell me she doesn’t want the Drama.

  • Tony Stark

    LMAO at OU’s reaction like they’re some 12 year old selenator hahahhaahhaahhaha chill bitches :D Only dumb fans believe that wasn’t a shade, but yet again the girl should have ignored it if she wants to be more mature then Selena ;) Anyways she’s pretty, maybe dating her would calm him down? She seems down to earth and nice if you read the rest of interview though. I don’t get it how is it okay for Selena to name drop Bieber at all but this girl can’t do it? Many models talk about their experience from shooting videos so she can do it too. :D

  • Guest

    Are people shocked? Selena always disses people now indirectly. So does Taylor. No wonder they’re friends yet people think they are innocent angels . Even Selena’s own fans and beliebers even said it was a clear diss and an immature one at that. Grow up Selena. You’re starting to get caught… Hence why she took it down. And didn’t Selena I recall post one time about not wearing any makeup? So why is she talking about others? I doubt justin goes a damn for her anymore and has realized her true character hence why she’s still pressed watching what females he’s always with and he doesn’t seem to care or indirect her at all. But maybe that’s cause justin is over it and wants I take the high road.The woman ‘Cailin Russo ‘ has class; she didn’t trash Justin or Selena in her interview with Cosmopolitan. She made it clear that Selena is his ex and she is sure they
    still have feelings for each other.

  • RB

    That was a diss. People can deny it all they want. But it was one. Even her own fans said she dissed that girl. And her fans lick the floor she walks on. However this is nothing new. Selena is the queen of indirect dissing. Along with Taylor swift. Birds of a feather flock together I always say.

  • BangBang

    Am I the only one who thought the interview was just weird or…

  • Truth

    She’s not trying to get fame, a lot of people already know who she is actually & who knows if that interview is even real.

  • casuru

    Cailin is really chill, and she was already well known before this “news”. Many models and celebs talk about photoshoots and videos they have done. Stop hating on the poor girl. If you want to see/know more about her go to