• cerenagee
    • JJ456


  • anon

    Gosh dang it her head is so big.

    • cerenagee

      her head doesn’t even look that big here….im confused

  • M355

    Don’t worry Joe soon enough you won’t have to worry about people taking your picture anymore. Why don’t you just get in your Hitler Mercedes and go home.

  • dina

    lol seems like a lunch breakup talk, left without her and everything. hopefully right he needs to focus on his upcoming projects

    • The Real QueenBee

      You wish. They both have jobs. They had breakfast together and then went about their day until they got home later that night. Why would they break up at lunch in public when they have a private house?

      • Anon

        What jobs? Joe is unemployed and Blanda was never employed?

  • anon

    He looks miserable as always.

  • JJ456

    His eyes are so beautiful. He doesn’t look happy to see cameras.

  • XaskTaylorX

    Well… Now they are the perfect attention seeking couple right? It’s sad.
    I would rather want to see the progress of kenielles baby and nolivia. =|