Liam Hemsworth WANTS MILEY BACK?

liam-hemsworth-shirtless-wants-miley-backMiley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have been exchanging texts and they met up in secret in Los Angeles. T are talking again, and regularly getting together. Source told In Touch: ‘He pushed to get back in touch.

[Miley and Liam] are talking like they did when they were together. She’s confused about how she feels,” the insider claims. Liam, however, is definitely sure that he wants Miley back.’ Do YOU think Miley should get back with Liam (Or Nick)? :)


  • Naomi

    Liam :)

  • Naomi

    Sooo happy for them :) :)

  • cerenagee

    Omg ou. Enough with the niley bit. Niley is and has been and will forever be dead.

    • :)

      IKR!!!!!! Apparently Miley’s rep. said she was confused on how she feels. So, who knows.

      • fffff

        Confused in get back to a cheater, nothing to do with Nick

        • :)

          My bad. I heard it wrong. E!News said they put a call out to her rep but the rep never returned the call.

  • Naomi

    As much as I want Niley, I know it will never happen because Miley loves Liam :(

  • @nn@mmm

    Niley is over.

  • Loli

    Gddd newsss. Now haters cn shut the fuck off .

    • Loli

      Up*. I bet he is missing the popularity



  • Anon

    Is this true or just another stupid rumor??

    • Silver

      Rumor.I doubt he wants her back,or that she’ll even take him back tbfh after what he did to her,but we’ll just have to wait and see

  • Jess

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news for all the Miam lovers, but this is definitely false.

    • :)

      You have half of the tabloids saying that Miley is begging for Liam to come back and the other half are saying that Liam is begging for Miley to come back. So much for the close source.

  • threelittlebirds

    Fake. Why would she go back to a cheater? I know I wouldn’t.

    • demo

      I know right and he turn on her the minute they broke up, miley don’t want his cheating ass oh god I hope she over him because everytime she with him, she stop making music, I hope she knows he no good for her he want her stuck in the house and she too talented for that! look how huge she became after she dumped him, she better off without him, he bit the hand that help him when he knew nobody and the minute they broke up he went kissing that aiza girl hell no, he was disrespectful tour her and their relationship miley can do better she gorgeous and talented and she needs a man that don’t hold her up but inspired her to keep doing what she love and support her no matter what, he just want to hold her down in a cage just like nick try to do, she needs a man who will give her the keys to freedom.

      • :)

        She supported his ass big time. He did not support her at all. How many red carpets did she walk alone. Hell, he wasn’t even with her at ‘Maxims Hot 100.’

    • cerenagee

      When you’re in that situation it’s not as easy as you think it is. I swore I’d never give a cheater a second chance and then 2 years later my bf cheated on me. not physically but he was drunk and we were fighting and he started texting his ex saying he’ll do anything to be with her again. After months of him trying for me we are back together. I have allwwaysss been that girl that was like no fuck you if you cheat thats it but for certain people its hard

      • party

        its hard but you have to let go, because he will just keep hurting you. I always say a cheater will always be a cheater,if he really love you when he was drunk he will had not texted that! drunk people usually say what they really feel and who they really want to be with! so becareful. I had a boyfriend who I had for many years and I thought he was cheating I never caught him, but he never pick up the phone when I call him at nicght he claim he was working really? he was acting rude and distance and distracted, sing of a cheater among other things, eventhought he denied it I knew something was up, at the end I left him, my self esteem was going down he didn’t make me feel pretty and when you start to question that is better to leave them because if a relationship is always argument I rather he remember me in the good time and remember me in good terms not in bitter resentment, well now he with another girl and the girl hates me because he talks about me constantly that my biggest revenge for him to remember me in good terms because he will always say the one that got away. because if you wait too long he just going to hate you I left were we still hadn’t put each other down yet which usually happen when you feel hurt and unattractive because those are the feelings he making you feel when he don’t pay attention, but then again those were my feeling don’t know it they are yours, but you do need to trust again you just gotta make sure is he worth it? like what he did to miley as soon as they broke up to me he is not worth it because he knew she was a huge star and he broke the agreement she also needs to remember that feeling he made her feel when they were breaking up, it wasn’t a good feeling she just need to remember that he screw up with her head and at the end he didn’t even held his end of the bargain he is not worth it. You know who I liked for miley gaston, even after they broke up he never turn against her or spoke bad about her or used her, he seems like he really cared for her and he didn’t care his image was been tarnish by dating a younger girl, he must of love her a lot to take all that heat and his career took a down ward because of the underage dating but he still stay with her and to me gaston was better than liam and nick combined. but gaston is married now so now she need to look for someone else.

        • cerenagee

          No I know. We are really good now. Like it took a long time for me to trust him or even to wonder if I should trust him but he really went above and beyond for not only me but for my family too to prove his worth. He actually was worth it. I agree though, if it isn’t right then it isn’t right. I think if he had done what Liam did and fucked another girl I would noooo way be able to forgive him. But because it was just a text and nothing further and when he was sober he texted her saying don’t talk to me I never should have texted you to begin with, I was more able to forgive him. It all depends on the situation imho.

  • anonymous

    Why was my comment deleted?? Fu OU.I saw it on the page,i came back,and now it’s gone??

    • anon

      sometimes the comments take a time to show up

  • Siel

    She should try to get Chris Hemsworth into the sack instead.

    Chris’ wife has short Miley hair, too. Chris is into that look.

  • demo

    nick was singing he didn’t want her to marry liam he wanted them to have one chance now that she single he is dating someone else, what he waiting for? for her to go back to liam or to find someone else, nick always do this, he ruined her relationships and then he starts to date someone else when she single, is like he obsessed with her, yet when she alone he is taken what in the hell is wrong with his ass and he needs to stop playing this games with her.

    • -

      that was his fail attempt at publicity he doesnt want miley lol. and miley for sure doesnt want him at all.

      • party

        wow is nick really that desperate to gain publicity? that just low for him to play with his niley fans feeling, tham this Jonas brothers are so fake . more the reason for liking miley even more, nick is just another selena a famewhore they both deserve each other, people users.

  • kurty
    • :)

      Remember, they don’t like Miley.

  • kurty

    TIME magazine named Miley’s Marc Jacobs gown one of the Top 10 Best Dressed Looks Of 2013!!!

  • Clauber

    Ohh, This sounds like more Miam drama- fights-hookup-cheating- blah blah

  • Clauber

    I mean, Miley is not a saint, but Liam has been with other girls (like Eiza mamacita Gonzalez) in public eye, that is just not fair for her even when we all know she has been partying a lot and all the drug issues

  • Just Me

    Why is he always looking away from her though????

  • Lauren

    You guys are a publicist’s wet dream. so Gullible. Miley and Liam have been over since the end of the summer. 80% of the relationships in Hollywood are created in a publicist’s office and most other the other 20% are barely getting by.

  • HaylorToU

    Doubt this is real. More fake than Joe’s angelic personality.