Niall Horan Katy Perry DINNER DATE!

niall-horan-katy-perry-dinner-dateNiall Horan and Katy Perry went on a dinner date in London last night. Last Month they jokingly announced they had gotten engaged just days after meeting in Japan.

Niall and Katy dined together at Soho House in New York City on Wednesday, but were seen entering and exiting the members-only club separately. Niall uploaded an Instagram picture Tweeted: ‘she said yes! It’s happening! Haha.’ Katy is currently dating John Mayer.

Niall’s mother Maura revealed that Niall isn’t ready for a girlfriend: ‘I don’t think Niall is ready yet for a serious girlfriend. He’s a real happy-go-lucky lad. He wants to enjoy life and isn’t ready to settle into a steady relationship as far as I know just yet. They are in that position where they’ll meet lots of people and girls. A girl he’ll go for dinner with here and to the pictures with there,but I’m not sure they are all girlfriends.’


  • nialllover

    Niall is in New York so no……….

    • cerenagee

      Obviously they were still together considering there is a picture.

  • cerenagee

    Obviously not a REAL date since she’s with John Mayor

  • Caitlyn D

    i think theyd make a great couple

  • D

    If you’re referring to the photo above, this was when 1D was in Japan in October. They, along with Katy Perry, were guests on a show. John Mayer was there as well. The guys have been in New York for the last couple of days.