Nick Jonas American Nurse Center Sexy

Nick Jonas Visits The American Nurses Credentialing CenterDiabetes warrior and singing angel Nichoas Jerry Jonas is spotted looking lighthearted leaving the American Nurses Credentialing Center in Los Angeles, California with his guitar on December 5, 2013. Girlfriend Olivia Culpo was nowhere in sight. Photos: FameFlynet.



    he looks like he’s shrinking :)

  • cerenagee

    beautiful as always

    • lilly

      he’s amazing!

  • threelittlebirds

    I don’t really find him that good looking. Just don’t see it.


      he is almost looking old now and not in a good way :

    • JJ456

      I don’t see it either, never did. And of course he had to post about his hospital visit on twitter, what a disgusting attention whore.

      • Tash

        He always shys away from the spotlight Jonas hater! If you know anything you’d see that. Hes all about his craft, not fame. He talks about his diabetes to help others. Why you stalking his Twitter anyway?? To find new things to hate on him for and pick on??

        • JJ456

          LOL, calm down. I’m not a Jonas hater, I just don’t like Nick. Free country and all…..

      • Kit

        Well I think it’s nice of him to go to hospitals and I understand he does it often. And I think he looks great! With or without Olivia.

  • Tash

    OU you’re disgusting! It’s all subjective, if you like him or not. But dont you dare bring your bias and Jonas hate into topics of illness. Throwing back handed comments just ti bring him down is pathetic. The work he does with diabetes is truly inspirational. That’s what he’s always trying to do, inspire others to never give up and left it consume their life. Show them that you can achieve anything and live a normal life and even a demanding one and while being healthy and living with your illness. Him sharing his story and talking about it and encouraging people to take care of their health and go for their dreams is helping so many. He is encouraging people to not be ashamed of their illness and share their story and live instead of hiding in fear of judgment or not wanting to face it. He is encouraging people to not let it control them and define them. What are you doing?? Hating him for doing good?? You sure youre not sick??

  • Anon

    He looks terrible. I miss the Nick from this past summer. He looked happy perfect body great hair and smiling. He looks unhappy now and not taking care of himself. Damn olivia

  • HaylorToU

    Diabetes Warrior?