Demi Lovato ‘I’m Writing A Tell All Now’

demi-lovato-little-mix-2demi-jonas-songDemi Lovato revealed to E! ‘Well, first I was like, ‘Umm, we need to talk,’ and then we talked and I was fine. I was like, ‘Look, I’m not mad at you but you need to choose your words more carefully next time. They’re my brothers, I love them so much. Joe and I argue like brother and sister and [he’s] always going to be in my life.

He meant no harm and he’s never had a chance to tell his side of the story so I’m proud of him. But watch out, Joe! I also said beware because I’m writing my tell-all now. I have a memoir coming out probably next year, I don’t know, whenever it’s done!

I just have so much to say. I have so much built up that, like they said in ‘Mean Girls,’ it’s word vomit. Things come out. It’s uncontrollable. Luckily that’s why I will have different edits.’

What do YOU think will be in Demi’s tell all book?

UPDATE: Demi said she would record a song with any of the Jonas Bros!

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  • Duckyhoward15

    I thought she had a book out

    • bye

      not the same

      • Duckyhoward15

        Oh thanks


      she’s writing an autobiography about her crazy father and time on disney :)

      • Duckyhoward15

        Hhahaha kill them OU :)


    so many of the disney stars hooked up the book better be good!

  • anon

    try it try it try it

  • cerenagee


  • can’t wait to read the good parts online.

  • Cici

    IM SO EXCITED!! dont worry about edits…just blog your whole story online. WE ARE READY NOW. I hope Miley does one next.

  • Hello

    Her father raped her (see Warrior lyrics), so I guess this will be in the book. Truly horrendous.

    • Cici

      Please, No…. :( That would explain a lot…

      • Cici

        Well actually, I just read the lyrics & I bet that is it. That destroys my heart. :(

        • Hello

          When I first kind of realised, and then also watched her live performance I was just in floods of tears. This poor girl.

        • RedneckAtHeart

          After listening to it and knowing what she has struggled with over the years you can tell that she was emotionally, sexually, and physically abused. That poor girl.

    • bridget

      I don’t think you can assume her father raped her, since there’s nothing in the song, to me at least, that seems to insinuate that the perpetrator was her father, but i definately think she was sexually abused as a child. Warrior is such an emotional song for her that she stated that she had to record it in the dark, and is so uncomfortable when it’s played that she has to leave the room when other people listen to it, and she initially siad when the album came out that she’d never perform it live. The only other song she’s said that she won’t perform live is “For the Love of a Daughter”, in which it’s insinuated that her father was physically abusive.
      With Warrior the lyrics are pretty self explanatory, and the way she responded to Cosmo magazine when they asked her about that song and why she was suicidal and forced to sign a pact saying she wouldn’t kill herself at only age 7 is really telling. She completely froze up, and said that whatever it was might actually be the root of so many of her emotional and psychological problems, but that it’s something that only a few people close to her know about, and that it was something that she doesn’t feel comfortable talking about publicly. She’s already talked about bullying and her eating disorder publicly, so it obviously wasn’t because of that. It’s so sad to think that she had to go through something like that, but it’s a testament to how strong she is, that she’s been able to move past that, and she did eventually sing Warrior for the first time at a gala to help stop human sex trafficking a few weeks ago.

      • Hello

        Well yes, the part that refers to “a part of me I can’t get back” to me, could be her virginity or innocent and the fact that it was and only will be sung at the Dignity Gala kinda proves it. The father part, of course I am just speculating and cannot be sure of, but it’s my guess :(

        • Hello


        • Hello

          And I guess at it being her father because she says “a little girl grew up too fast”.

      • RedneckAtHeart

        With the lyrics you can tell there was emotional, sexual, and physical abuse. I think the reason why we say it was most likely her father is because they had a horrible relationship and she really wanted nothing to do with him..

    • thesestrangelittlethings

      That’s horrible. I thought it was always somewhat implied, but I just read the lyrics (not much a fan of the song), and it’s totally plausible :O

  • Rosemary

    Can’t wait!

  • GentileJewel

    She better not say anything Stupid! She has the nerve to tell him what to do and then say this!

  • JJ456

    So it’s OK for her to talk about him but it is not OK for him to talk about her? WTF? For years, he was taking the hit & the backlash from her “open” & “honest” interviews and never once said anything bad about her. He showed her nothing but respect. He never told her that her stories were “stupid” or “to choose her words carefully”…I don’t like hypocrites!

    • anonymous

      she’s being manipulative. she should admit her mistakes then shut up and be good

    • Mary

      She never said anything about him… when she came out of rehab she made clear that he had nothing to do with her problems…
      He on other hand, basically said that she made him do drugs… like it was her fault…
      Really a stupid thing to say…

  • Romanelli

    Warrior is not about her father at all. It could be about rape or molestation but i am almost positive she is not talking about her dad. And Demi has never badmouth Joe or slandered him in any kind of way so how is she a hypocrite? Joe’s tell all article should’ve been called ‘All about Demi Lovato’ cause business is thoroughly mentioned and not once has Demi ever aired out or implied any dirty laundry referring to Joe. Im happy that as of NOW she’s coming out with her story and I have nodoubt that it will be completely honest and unbiased. Demi is a straightforward kind of person and she’s not the kind of person who sabatoges others. She is literally the most down to earth, realest person in young hollywood. I wish others had the nerve to be as honest as her WITHOUT bringing others down in the process. I love Joe, but his name dropping was SO unnecessary!

    • soft ghetto

      demi made headlines by saying joe knew about her problems all along and implying that he never visited her in rehab. joe got a lot of hate for that and fans blamed him for demi’s problems. so, imo he has every right to tell his side of the story.

      • Mary

        She didn’t implied anything, that was Kevin who said in a interview that none of his brothers have seen Demi while she was in rehab…
        And why she would lie and said that he was there for her, when in reality he wasn’t ?
        And still, she never blame him for nothing… Everytime she was asked if he had anything to do with her breakdown she said “no”…
        And she didn’t said that he has no right to tell his side of the story, she just said that he needs to be careful with words… He could start not blaming anyone for his drug use…

        • soft ghetto

          bottom line, demi was just telling the truth but the media had to blow out of proportion and make it joe’s problem too. Now the weed thing, it’s stupid how demi fans are so upset about it. Yeah, miley and demi encouraged joe to try weed. he did it because he wanted to and the fact that he said he still does it on his own proves that he doesn’t need demi or miley around to force the bong to his mouth and unfortunately people didn’t understand that. I just think everything is blown out of proportion and even though I’m glad he named dropped demi so he could get his point across, I wish her fans didn’t overreact about it.

  • laura

    i hope they won’t edit it too much

  • soft ghetto

    ” he’s never had a chance to tell his side of the story ” she should’ve explained this to the batshit crazy lovatics sooner.