Demi Lovato ‘Joe Drug Story Was Stupid’

Demi Lovato revealed to Yahoo! about her reaction to Joe Jonas’ New York Magazine interview: ‘My first reaction was, ‘Well that was stupid,’ But we are always going to be in each other’s lives. I was with Nick [Jonas] today and they are family. I’ve known them since I was 14, 15 and I have a lot of love for them.’

Demi showed her respect for Joe’s honesty: ‘It really did. He never shared his side of the story and what he had to go through when we were friends or whatever. I was like, ‘Choose your words more carefully next time, but whatever, you’re fine!”

Joe: ‘I feel really relieved actually. I was very nervous releasing it. I hit kind of an anxiety wall where I was like, ‘S–t am I about to do this? This is kind of nerve-wracking.’ But then you just look at it on a different scale. You’re like, ‘This is my life and this is my story for myself to tell whoever is interested and let them inside the crazy life I’ve lived!’

I think it’s sensitive for someone so close to you to release. I wanted to make sure I spoke to them ahead of time and give them a heads-up that this is coming out. They had a very cool reaction to it. My brother Nick was like, ‘Hey dude, it’s your interview.’ That kind of speaks for itself. I felt really good about releasing it.’

Is Joe still friends with Demi? ‘Yeah absolutely! I saw her yesterday. Demi and I are good friends and we have been friends for years.’ Demi told Us Weekly: ‘I want to commend him for how brave he was. He never was able to share his side of the story, he kept it really quiet. I was going through my stuff, and he got blamed for a lot of it.

When in reality, I have my stuff and we argue like brother and sister now. It’s like, ‘Dude, what were you thinking?’ But it’s all good. I was like, Don’t be embarrassed or whatever. I still love you. We’re still family. It’s all good.’

You know, it’s been cool. I feel really blessed to have people responding in [a relatable] way. It makes me feel great, it makes me feel comfortable and at the end of the day it’s my story. Take it or leave it, if you don’t like it, it’s fine with me, I don’t really care!

UPDATE: Wilma was there!

Joe, who is a pastor’s son, admitted that he’s ‘not religious in any way’ during the essay, while also discussing issues ranging from purity rings to teenage dalliances. So how did Mom and Dad Jonas react about the article in question?

‘Look, they were a little bit nervous. Some of the things I think were a little bit jarring for them to have their son release. But they are supportive, and my dad says it best. You can’t change life. You have to be able to live your life and I always have respect for people that can talk about their life openly.’

Joe: It was just something that is my story and my life and nothing that I necessarily felt like I could talk about before and it felt like the right timing and I just decided I would tell it all. There’s this perception of a celebrity or if you do music that you have to be this person that’s untouchable and I don’t want to be that person. I’d rather be somebody who can be open and honest and people can get to know me and relate in some way, hopefully.

I had the opportunity to talk with Demi beforehand and a few other people in my family and obviously something like this is going to be jarring but Demi and I have a really strong friendship and I would obviously never want to hurt her.’

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  • in jesus name i pray amen

    My brother Nick was like, ‘Hey dude, it’s your interview.’ That kind of speaks for itself.

    LMFAO, well that’s reassuring. Nick is clearly so done and wants like nothing to do with Joe lol. It’s so obvious, even now — that that is where the tension lies and what caused them to breakup.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      Actually upon rethinking this… I have two brothers and we’re all very close in age (one year apart) and we butt-heads like crazy. I can’t even imagine working with them for as long as the Jonas Brothers worked together, so I can see how they would breakup… Money doesn’t necessarily solve everything.

      • gaysex4lyf

        i love ur icon, very ontd

  • fghjk

    yeah she was telling the truth joe jonas never did drugs some people like to made a crap that is not truth

  • anonymous

    he wasn’t brave for not talking about it at the time. he was being a coward

    • GentileJewel

      Shut Up! You know nothing! Two: He doesn’t have to tell anything it is his buisness!!

    • bhmbhm

      please he never was a coward soo shut up

  • GentileJewel

    Demi is such a Bitch! It is genetics.

  • ew at him

    Joe rebellious phase is kicking in 5 years too late. He is EMBARASSING right now, and as dallas is, using other people to get attention? LOSER.

    • anon

      He’s not being rebellious. All he did was talk about his life with Disney and about his most important relationships or the relationships he remembers (lmao there have been a lot of Joe exes). He talked about Ashley, Demi and Blanda.

    • ty

      haha joe jonas rebellious ? haha wow what a loser you are to made that up dont put embarresings comments

    • GentileJewel

      Shut Up! Bitch!

      • KimH

        The fact that you’re getting so worked up over a guy, who you don’t know and never will, is just hysterical lmao who cares if he is/was rebellious or not? Who the fuck even is this kid!?

  • johnny

    Joe didnt need to tell anything, honestly. Especially if he has nothing to promote right now, besides himself. Demi is right though no harm was intended, so let it be.

  • johnny

    Also the fact that he is 24 and considered that interview his life story is kinda pathetic seeing as he only got the interview because of their recent breakup and he promised a tell all to them.

    • GentileJewel

      OH! How do you know?

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I hate when people that use to date or have slept with one another call eachother family. “That’s my sister, that’s my brother.” It’s just so icky.

  • bridget

    In another interview that was just put up by E! Demi said, “Well, first I was like ‘Umm, we need to talk’ and then we talked and I was fine.”
    That pretty much proves that Joe was lying through his teeth when he said that Demi read his article before he posted it, as does some of the excerpts from this one. I can’t believe there are people who still ship these two together. Ew.

    • anon

      eh i dont think he was lying. i just think Joe is bad with dates and numbers. He is not very good at remembering things. Exhibit A) he said him and Demi only dated a month among other inaccurate information he’s said there and in the past.

      • bridget

        Oh come on. You guys are cutting this jerk way too much slack. You don’t forget something like that. It’s not about dates, it’s about whether Demi was blindsided by this article. Do you honestly think this guy is stupid enough to forget that Demi was upset that he didn’t run this past her, and called to ask him about it? He said that he showed the article to Demi before hand so he would stop getting bashed for throwing her under the bus.

        • GentileJewel

          Oh! Shut Up! You Idiot!

          • YYK

            Honey ya’ seem a little crazy today. Have you taken your meds, Gentile?

    • GentileJewel

      Where does it say she read the article first! And if she read the article then talked to him about it! That would be what she is saying!!!!! Crackhead!

  • anon

    lmao everyone called the dude joe

  • Cici

    Jonas <3333

  • Valley190

    Joe has always be imprecise when he speaks. He very well could have talked to Demi ahead of time in a general “I’m going to be sharing stuff about us” way. When Demi actually saw the article, it was probably different than she expected.

  • JJ456

    He is allowed to tell his story just like Demi is allowed to tell her story. It goes both ways and she should respect his story just like he did with her endless stories.

  • BangBang

    Man, do these people have nothing else better to do than to write all these tell all books, like I don’t know WORK maybe…

  • getlikemiley

    She kind of irritates me how she thinks she can control him in a way. He can release whatever he wants with your name in it. It was years ago so calm down. Miley clearly doesn’t give a shit. Who’s next though?

    • sleep all day eat all night

      she did respect his story she was fine with is sooo

    • soft ghetto


      • Mary

        “demi tells the world that she was snorting lines at 15 but joe mentioning weed is so horrible”

        Exactly! DEMI can say all she wants about HER drug use/abuse… but it’s not in JOE’s place to say anything about HERS…

        Easy to understand, right?! Joe mind his business, and Demi mind hers… simple like that….

        • WickedlyMiserable

          did you read the part where he said “the first time a smoked weed…” because he was talking about his experience and he have the right to talk about it as well and name te people that was with him.

          • Mary Brian

            Yes, I read the whole thing, there was no need to name anyone, and he has no right to do that cause both, Miley and Demi, are public persons… It’s not like he was answering an inquiry or something like that… He could have just said: “The first time that I did weed, I was with two friends of mine(…)” Cause what really matters is his experience, not other’s experience…

            And the fact that both, Miley and Demi, had gone public and talk about their experience with drugs, don’t change nothing for him… Cause neither of them ever named anyone while talking about their experiences…

            He threw them under the bus…

          • WickedlyMiserable

            I respect your opinion but I don’t agree with you. I don’t know if all he said was true but neither Demi and Miley denied so I assume that part of the story is true. I personally don’t think public figures deserve a different treatment as us “normal’ people, We all have the right to say what we want, with that being said, I strongly believe that everybody should tell the complete truth no matter what, because when you don’t, you are the one who end up looking bad, which is the case of Miley and Demi, if their haven’t said their whole truth, that it their problem not joe’s, that’s what they wanted but joe wanted to tell all, so nobody should judge none of them for making those decision. “A half truth is still a whole lie” proverb

          • Mary Brian

            LOL… Look at the situation that he creates for talking too much … You are saying that the girls were lying, cause they didn’t make a “tell-all”… Guess what, it’s their business… Why in hell we need to know that? It’s their choice when talk and how to talk… or don’t even talk anything at all…

            And they have actually talk, a LOT… still both manage to not expose anyone…

            You’re right, we can say what we want… thats don’t mean it’s correct to say somethings…

            Being a public figure or not, its just not cool when you talk about people life’s… But we can’t ignore that they are public figures, cause if they wasn’t, we would never hear about those things… And Joe would never name them as well… Why he didn’t named the fan who he make out? Or the other Disney’s girl who he hook up in the car? Cause there was no need… He could keep that with the drug story too…

            But like you said in the begining, it’s your opinion… Demi seems to have a different one.. And I personally have my own too… I can assure you I would never expose my friends or ex friends that way and, for that, I would be really pissed if any of them exposes me…

  • Anonymous

    What Joe said wasn’t even that bad. All he said is when he dated Demi he got to really know her struggles with drugs and whatever else. He wasn’t happy dealing with it all after a while but felt like he needed to stay in the relationship for her because he wanted to help her and he couldn’t talk about her issues because he had a brand to protect I.e Disney.