Harry Styles Kendall Jenner Private Hike

hendallHarry Styles took Niall Horan along with him to play a round of golf with Kendall Jenner’s dad Bruce Jenne. Source told HEAT: ‘Harry, Niall and Bruce went golfing, is there a better way to win over a girl’s dad? It worked, Bruce loved Harry.’

He also took her hiking in the Hollywood hills: ‘Kendall and Harry hiked in the canyon behind Bruce’s house. [Afterwards] they swam at the house, as it’s private and there are no photographers there. Then, Kendall’s half-brother Brody took them surfing.’

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  • LOL

    LOL right. And then they went to paris on a private jet then came back and had dinner at will smiths house…
    Do magazines really have time to make up fantasy story?

  • cerenagee

    I feel like they could be a totes cute couple

  • Duckyhoward15

    Funny how he left the hotel then she checked in , lol man then they had dinner and went to have some frozen yogurt , i just don’t get why they denied that they are seeing eachother .

  • Laura

    Nice. What did they do afterwards Kris?

  • heather

    I feel like their personalities just don’t match up. He seems like a jokester and she just seems serious all the time. idk. I’m no relationship expert.

    • Ba

      Shes just very shy infront of the camera
      But check her keeks she aint serious at all :)

  • haahaha

    Gurl, as long as Harry guest stars on Keeping Up, I won’t complain. I’m not even a fan of his but it would be so funny.

  • Denise

    “Bruce loved Harry.”

    Of course, Bruce would totally LOVE Harry because Bruce is capital G-A-Y. Who wouldn’t want such a fine, good looking lad as a gold buddy? Plus point: He’s famous.

  • threelittlebirds

    That’s Kylie

  • Anna

    Hmm thought her Bf was Jaden smith? This seems really fake and PR like to me because of their new album, I hate that they always use harry to get publicity it is unfair to him.

  • Guest

    Bruce is happy one of his daughters is finally dating a white guy

  • narryforthewin

    The fact that Harry took Niall along only makes me think of Narry. I still think these rumors are complete crap but tbh, I /really/ don’t care who they date. Someday one of the boys will write a tell all book, and I’ll probably read it out of curiosity. Whether or not this is real, I still feel Haylor was weird/fake. (This is /not/ me saying Harry is gay and that was a cover-up because I don’t even want to argue with people.)

  • sara

    “there are no photographers there” this whole story and the past few about these two have been such shit.