Justin Bieber Swore At Federal Police

Swaggy Baby Justin Bieber shirtless rehearsing to his hot new song ‘Confident’!. Bieby and his entourage were detained at the Brisbane, Australia airport on Nov. 24 while customs agents looked for drugs and they found weed on one them, reports TMZ.

Bieber was released after getting a stern warning for using ‘inappropriate language.’ He reportedly swore at the officers. The AFP said a security check turned up an unknown amount of pot on a 23-year-old man in Justin’s entourage.

The suspect was released, but got a ticket for allegedly importing drugs. He had a disposable vaporizer, an electronic device to smoke marijuana, which had residue in it. The suspect appeared in court today, and paid the fine.

UPDATED with pix of Swaggy walking around Perth, Australia.

  • Alii

    I don’t think there’s a celebrity I dislike more.

    • Siel

      Chris Brown

      • Alii

        At least Chis is trying to go to rehab.

  • anon

    He was a better dancer when he was younger. Awkward

    • .

      I agree.. I was a major fan, man even when the song boyfriend came out, but he just changed so much… and he was also cuter when he had his chipmunk voice, he looks like a grown up in the body of a 16 yr old who over works out

      • anon

        I think it is cuz now he is so much concerned in appearing manly.

  • JUG

    His “dancing” is like how Britney Spears used to dance. The feet barely move. Not a lot of complicated steps. Just lots of arm movements. Not convinced he is a great dancer. He should stick to what he is good at – spray painting.

  • Hank.

    Sooner or later this punk is going to really screw up and get nailed. I also think he will be a has been within 5 years.

  • http://www.abicana.com/shop2.htm Knut Holt

    Bieber is just a marionette programmed by the Hollywood psycholabs, but he is desperately trying to get free from the programming and invent something of his own.