Nick & Olivia Jonas Froyo SENSUAL Love

nick jonas olivia menchies
Nick & Olivia Jonas share menchies froyo ice cream together expressing their deep true sensual passionate public love for one another by taking to social media to post it everywhere. Do YOU think Olivia will have a ring by spring? Poor Miley has to see this while being Liam-less Single.

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  • Hi

    Is he wearing nail polish?

    • Naomi


  • Stop It

    This website is corny af now

  • Naomi

    OMG Ocean up stop with the drama!!

  • Naomi

    Nick will always love Miley!!

  • ijustneedyounow

    i used to think she was thirsty… now i think they’re both desperate as fuck :( so sad i used to be a huge nick fan

  • HaylorToU

    It’s not like the both of them have anything else to do. This is the only thing that keeps him at least relevant in the D-list community.

  • Naomi

    Olivia Jonas hahaha! NO! Ocean UP YOU DO THAT WITH EVERY GIRL NICK DATES! Remember DELTA JONAS?

  • mary

    are we all going to ignore nicks fingernail?

    • BangBang

      Ha didn’t even notice that! Is that nailpolish or?

  • Irritated

    They didn’t post the picture, Nick’s Aunt did. They went for frozen yogurt with Nick’s aunt and uncle and his father. Stop creating drama. Why do people search for a reason to hate on people? And his nails aren’t painted, it’s either an effect from the filter or result of the flash. Jesus, is everyone 10 on this website.

  • anon

    Funny how all Nick is doing last night is shopping and eating with his girlfriend while Joe was, once again, working.

    Nick is now the new Kevin. Nothing but shopping and eating his way through life with his (soon to be) wife.

    • anon

      Well all Joe did this year and last year was walk around with Blanda and calling the paps while Nick worked on the album. It’s only fair Nick gets some time off for the Holidays seeing as he worked all year unlike Joe and kevin.

      • XaskTaylorX

        But Kevin is starting to work more productive! He needs to work hard to pay for all those baby products right? ;) Don’t know how Danielle is contributing, still love them both anyways.

      • anon

        Well that didn’t work out too well, seeing as Nick’s terrible overproduction is why the album came out so badly they couldn’t even release it.

        • anon

          Yeah but Nick being a bad producer, doesnt change the fact, he worked while his brothers didn’t. He did Hawaii 5-0, CWYWF, wrote and produced the album with Paul. What were kevin and Joe doing? Hanging out with their girlfriend and wife. Now Nick is taking some time off, but dont worry because he has a movie coming out and will be doing lots of promo soon. Plus i’m certain he has a few acting gigs coming and is working in music.

          • anon

            LOL yeah Nick’s movie is probably not coming to theaters. Thats why they are having this screening with Jonas fans Monday, to try and get some positive buzz to take to distributors by stacking the audience with people who will like it even if it’s terrible.

          • anon

            but all joe is doing is attending events with blanda.

    • cerenagee

      Who cares if he doesn’t want to be famous and would rather just hang out and enjoy life with his gf. Quit being such a bitter hater like damn

      • anon

        No problem if he wants to do that but then he should stop being reported on because if he’s not doing anything productive, that shouldn’t be news. That’s how trash like Kim Kardashian and her family become famous.

        • cerenagee

          okay cuz its totally in his control to have paps follow him. dude shutttt up

  • Siel

    Liam is hotter, taller, and probably has a bigger D than Nick.

    I doubt Miley cares.

  • XaskTaylorX

    Pretty. I love menchies. But it does look like he’s wearing nail polish. Lol.

  • threelittlebirds

    christ OU, miley is over nick, has been for what 4 years now? stop reaching.

  • Cici

    theyre so cutee <333

  • cerenagee

    They are absolutely adorable. They are just like every couple head over heels with each other. They take tons of cute selfies and go on dates. I love them

    • Naomi


      And btw LUST is NOT LOVE!

      • cerenagee

        You clearly have no idea what the word lust means if you think picking out a christmas tree, eating fro yo and having lunches shows a lustful relationship. stfu.

  • anon

    Nick’s aunt and uncle are weirdly obsessed with his relationship with Olivia. Seems like the only family that likes to hang out with Nolivia are his aunt. uncle and father. Too bad we never see Janda and Nolivia double dates. Guess Janda and Kenielle don’t approve.

  • Anom

    The way she always turns her head in photos like every picture is a photo shoot. So fake I was hoping Nick would.find someone who was genuine.

    • Naomi

      He will just dive him some time, she wont the last gf!

      like I always say he sure date a FAN! because we will love him for what he is , not for who he is!

  • jonas fan