Noel Gallagher ‘Miley Is A Shame’

Miley Cyrus puts on another provacative performance at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegasmiley-etmiley-exOasis singer Noel Gallagher bashed Sexy Miley: ‘She was on TV recently, Miley Ray Cyrus, and it was just like, ‘What the f**k is all this about?’ I don’t know. It’s a shame, because it puts all the other female artists back about f*cking five years.’ Do YOU agree?

  • Olivia

    it’s 2013 Noel, whens the last time Oasis had a hit on the charts or…..ever?
    Sit the fuck down. btw if you’re gonna say I’m dumb or whatever you wanna throw at me, it’s not like I’ll ever meet you so bye! :)

    • anna banana
      • Marina And My Diamonds

        Perfect Gif for what I was thinking.

    • K

      Dumb? Nah, you’re just plain ignorant.

      How does not having a hit for a while have anything to do with the fact that Miley is a shame?

    • m/

      do you fucking know who he is? obviously Oasis hasn’t been on the charts for a while because OASIS IS NO MORE? hahahahha..

  • feminismsetbackbcofthisgirl

    No lies detected though, Miley is sexualizing herself in the male gaze, everything she does is to insight shock and she tries to show her “true” nature. Its terrible, this isnt sexy, she is accountable for the things shes doing for females around the world. Its embarassing that shes going this far simply for sales and attention, somewhere along the line she totally lost her dignity.

    • meagain

      um why did some random preteen photo show up with my comment?

    • kdelly

      so taylor swift isn’t accountable for making girls a bunch of sappy bitches who have to shit shade their exes and never move on? almost every female singer out there singing about men sets back feminism. its not just miley. sorry.

      • anon

        She move on! She never goes back together with a ex-boyfriend, like ever!

        • kdelly

          we’re never ever ever getting back together? hhahaha i’m an interpersonal communications, and psych major and the way she acts definitely shows she’s not over half her exes

          • anon

            She is just vindictive and can hold a grudge. But doubt she wants go back to any of them.

          • kdelly

            just because you don’t want to get back with someone doesn’t mean you’re over it. the fact that she IS vindictive is proof enough. She’s in the grave-dressing stage she is saving face by being vindictive. in order to fully get over a relationship one must get out of the talking about it and saving face position and develop a neutral feeling towards the ex. Neutral as in not friends, not enemies, just no feeling what-so-ever. only then can one enter into a new stable relationship and/or become friend with that ex

          • anon

            Imo be vindictive is just how she is. It is not only with her ex-boyfriends. She is the kind of friend who would catch a grenade for you but once you piss her off a single time she will never let it go and will hold this grudge forever. I know some people like this.

          • kdelly

            that is very true. i’ve got them in my life too. but just applying what i know!

      • Anon

        Umm no please shut the fuck up because you don’t know what your talking about. I’m actually one of those supposed “sappy bitches” who look up to her and I can guarantee you thats not what she teaches. She has literally taught me to be a better person by the way she presents herself so well and is so sweet to everyone she meets. Everyone she meets talks about how sweet and nice she is. Her music is amazing and she has a lot of songs that DON’T have to do with breakups that have helped me through so much. Not to mention how much she does for charity too. She’s managed to become one of the most successful females in the music industry without sexualizing herself like Miley. She still has her dignity, unlike Miley who does everything for shock.

        • laura

          I seriously hate it when fans talk about how celebrities help them through so much. honestly, that’s just bull shit. listening to a freaking song ain’t gonna solve your problems. the only thing they care about is making money, and lots of it. if they didn’t, they’d be donating way more money to charity (they could freaking solve poverty, you know) but they don’t. they buy five houses, six cars, hundred pairs of shoes, 50 purses, get expensive hair extensions, creams made of gold and bla bla bla.
          so just stop the bull shit.

  • *

    *googles Noel Gallagher to see if give a fuck or not* *…*

  • :)

    This is becoming redundant.

    I thought this was 2013 and not the 50’s.

    • K

      I don’t think that being a shame will ever become acceptable by society regardless of the era.

  • LikeICare

    I agree, and it doesn’t matter if you children think he’s ‘relevant’ or not, he’s saying the truth.

  • kdelly

    coming from a guy who hasn’t had a hit in the US in a few years? although his music was once very chart topping and influential, he has not right to comment, but then again, do any of us have any right to comment? “puts all the other female artists back about f*cking five years” sorry but no it doesn’t there hasn’t been a change is the war women are perceived in 5 fucking years. The women are all still the same.
    taylor swift- sings about break ups and being hurt by men.
    selena gomez- sings about men and wanting them to “come and get it”
    men are all still singing about banging women, domesticating women, and objectifying women. SO no things haven’t changed in the last five years and miley cyrus has nothing to do with any kind of set back

    • amy

      He is saying that Miley is turning herself into a sex object where no one focuses on the actual music. That is a set back for women as artists because it adds to the idea that women artists are nothing more than a sexy piece of ass. No it isn’t only Miley who is doing this, but she is one of the most prominent at the moment.

      • JustAThoughtHere

        okay but the thing is miley isn’t the only women in the music industry selling herself “sexually”. please look at rihanna,katy perry, lady gaga ALL who sexualize themselves. i’m tired of everyone blaming miley and acting like she’s the ONLY one who is doing this because she isn’t. i’m so over this i’m so over everyone blaming and bashing miley cyrus because she’s actually successful. and you people act like miley is some bitch, she isn’t, i’ve never heard a story about miley being rude to anyone or a fan, she actually respects people unlike justin bieber. i’m just saying this is getting so old.

        • amy

          1. I clearly said Miley was not the only female artist selling herself as sexy
          2. I’m not blaming or bashing Miley. I’m just saying he has a valid point in that Miley is furthering the idea that women should be valued for being sexy. I think miley should keep doing what she is doing if that is what she wants to do.
          3. I never said Miley was a bitch. I’m sure she is a super nice person.

      • laura

        Tell that to all the rappers talking about their bitches, how good those bitches are at sucking d*ck and how they want to tear their ass in two.
        For all we know, Miley is just making fun of the entire industry by doing this or she just believes that sex sells (which obviously it does).
        The thing people should be talking about it is, how it’s 2013 now and women still don’t get the equality and respect they deserve. Instead of wasting time on commenting on Miley’s clothes.

    • HeyThereDuhhLila

      I agree with this comment 100%. I feel like the real issues that occur within the music industry have nothing to do with Miley Cyrus. Everyone has a strong opinion about her, and from what I see, it’s not like any other female artist feels obligated to follow in her footsteps right now. I think Miley is just doing whatever she wants and people either love it, or feel the need to publicly express how much they hate it.

      The real issues lie in the things that the general public finds acceptable, but are subliminally setting us back. Everyone is slut shaming Miley, but no one is talking about the hundreds of artists who are actually making music truly sets women back. Miley is only a byproduct of 2013 America at this point. I feel like she truly is this generations Madonna.

  • Rah

    I kind of get what he has to say. I don’t agree with how he said it.

  • shanghai

    Totally agree with him Miley is a talented performer and does not need to try so hard to sexy and controverial. Sign and write music and be appreciated for your talent!!!

    • Cici

      Yes. Do sign language. I agree!

  • cerenagee

    omg. dude could miley be anymore immature? like that tweet is so fucking unnecessary.

    • ldksajfoiwre

      Anything for attention I guess. It was really pointless. I get that we’re in an era where people share so much on social media be it on twitter,facebook,instagram-or all of them,but it’s okay to keep some things to yourself. She was engaged to the guy and it seems like she’s trying to show that she’s “so over it”. Good for you. She really needs to grow up imo -.-

    • kdelly

      i agree but i get it though like if i had to watch my ex in a movie i’d vomit….just saying hahaha

      • cerenagee

        Its super unnecessary.

        • kdelly

          yeah i know, i’m JUST saying!

          its definitely a thought she should’ve kept to herself

          • cerenagee

            chaa feel. id totally not want to see a movie with my ex in it

    • 1234567890

      lol she didn’t actually tweet that….

    • Cici

      She could have just kept her mouth shut & waited till it came out on netflix..damn.

      • cerenagee

        right? liam is in like the first 20 mins then the last 2…like bby girl might as well have just put a fat sign on her forehead saying not really over liam but i act like it.

        • CharmingMonster

          She didn’t actually tweet that ya’know

          • cerenagee

            Yes I do now.

  • anon

    He is just giving Miley what she wants. She doesn’t care what one think about her as long as she could get his attention

  • 1234567890

    mehh, Noel Gallagher insults everyone, i mean, he hates his brother.. he’s a good musician but he has a bad personality.

  • Cici

    Did that tweet happen? There was also that “fake” one from Paris Hilton going around yesterday…I think someone just got good at photoshop..but all I am getting from this article is how bad that picture of her is. Everyone keeps saying the same shit about her, it’s soooo old. Give it up & boycott her if ya care so much.

    • kdelly

      now that you mention it….its not on her timeline even thought its supposedly from yesterday……. hmmmm FAKEEEE….i agree

  • cerenagee

    Wait……Liam is deff only in the movie for a total of like 30 fucking minutes hahahahahahaha dumbbbb ass bitchhhh

  • RegReach

    Liam has mabey half an hour of screen time which is + 15 min compared to the last film

  • smb

    Why are all these virtual unknowns or washed up celebrities attacking Miley with their opinions. OH, I know, it’s because they know by talking about Miley they become a little more relevant because they will get a little publicity. That’s the story of Miley’s life. All anyone has to do is associated themselves with Miley’s name, for good or bad, and they will gain some attention. SAD…

    • luchmuch

      It’s SAD that you call Noel Gallagher and the band Oasis “virtual unknowns”. The only difference between Miley Cyrus and Oasis is that 20 years after we remember the music of Oasis but in 20 years we only remember Miley as a character and her music will be forgotten.

  • anon

    No Grammy nom for Miley. Everything has a price.

  • ISeeSparksFly

    She ain’t mad that she’d have to watch Liam for two hours…she’d be mad that she’d have to watch Liam and Jenn sucking face for two hours. Fact.

  • ladadidadi.