Zayn Banned From Strippers By Perrie

zerrie-instagram-photos-1Perrie Edwards has banned Zayn Malik from strippers at his bachelor party. Source revealed to STAR: ‘Perrie doesn’t want to be a spoilsport but she’s told Zayn she isn’t comfortable with him being surrounded by hordes of strippers, especially with the claims over Zayn’s antics on the road fresh in her mind.

While the lads were clearly having a joke at Zayn’s expense, Perrie knows that the world is the boys’ oyster. With an unlimited budget and some very wild imaginations, anything could go on.

Harry joked: ‘We should just spring it on him one night. All of us pick him up. We could kidnap him, put a bag on his head and make it really real,” he joked to the Metro in a recent interview, “And then he’ll get there and then it will just be strippers and stuff. We can all dress up in monkey and clown masks. Real guns and real strippers. We might just throw multiple stag dos.’

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  • ivan

    What it’s not Bieber? Now this will be buried on page 17. Only Bieber is trashed when strippers are involved in sites like this.

  • anon

    If she doesn’t trust him then why marry him?

    • threelittlebirds

      Totally agree. If she trusted him she wouldn’t have to tell what not to do at his bachelor party.

  • Paper Planes

    I would also ban strippers from my future husband’s bachelor party.

  • gross

    Insecure bitch. I’m not even a 1D fan, but I can’t stand this annoying little twat. Even if he has strippers and cheats on her like he’s done before, she’s going to stay with him because he’s the only reason people pay attention to her and her dumb group now and she’s not giving up that spotlight. Again, I don’t even like 1D or Zayn, but he could do better. So much better.

    • Sean

      PREACH FINALLY SOMEONE SEES THE LIGHT !!! This girl is a total knob ! He could do better !

  • Siel

    Zayn already cheated on her by having sex with a fan.

    I don’t blame her one bit.

    • Seab

      He cheated on her numerous times. Her family is so thirsty all they do is worship Zayn. Every interview the mother talks about him.

  • Duckyhoward15

    Sure ofcourse like they have a wedding date , they will just be like the wedding is tomorrow tatata, PR at its best

    • Anon

      I really wonder if they’ll make it to the wedding or end up like Miley and Liam. Probably like Miley and Liam.

      • Duckyhoward15

        I hope they will end up like miam but in all honesty modest are so good with PR so I won’t be surprised if he married her and then divorced

  • woaa

    Um, he’s Muslim.. he should ban them on his own but since he doesn’t really care then whatever