Ariana Grande On Hair “F*CK OFF Haters!”

An OCEANUP exclusive, Ariana Grande answering a question about how she felt changing her hair for KIISFM’s Jingle Ball yesterday. Video from today’s Holiday Party at Supperclub in Los Angeles, CA.

  • cerenagee

    Good for her! I’m tired of people bashing on her just because she doesn’t switch her hair style. Most celebs straighten their hair everydayor curl it everyday and nnobody makes a big deal out of that. Shea flawless and has an amazing powerful voice.

    • Mary

      Uh no not good for her. So bratty! People don’t say a thing about others cause it probably looks good. Her’s just didn’t look good. It’s just an opinion she really needs to calm down.

      • cerenagee

        No you really need to back off all of you do. She’s talented as shit. Getting picked on by millions just because you aren’t doing your hair the way the public thinks you should and then standing up for yourself is not bratty. God stfu you sound so stupid

        • uhm

          Read some stories about her from people who have met her before she was even this big then tell me she’s not bratty. She can do her hair however she wants to and singer however well she still has a crappy personality and that’s usually for life.

          • cerenagee

            Okay cool whatever I’m not talking about that. All I’m saying is good for her for sticking up for herself with this stupid hair issue everyone’s got with her. Standing up for herself doesn’t make her bratty. If she’s a brat cool but her saying fuck off haters is far from being a brat.

          • katy

            well she needs to take that wig out,it isnt hers.

          • taylor

            how about why dont you take your skany ass somewhere else!! its not of your business and what are you saying? Wgs are bad? i thoght wigs are supposed to make people feel happy about them selves?! like hair extensions and my friend wears wigs and im not gonna take this SHIT!!! and good for her to stand up for her self aswell… would of done the same thing but put my finger in the air telling yall bitches need a life and i dont see you doing anything with your life :) Jealous much?!?!

      • Caitlyn D

        she is a brat

        • Taylor

          I know you are what is she?

  • lmao

    What’s that people were saying about Selena being classless and fake for saying “fuck” and yet having a sweet image? Let’s see if the same type of comments are gonna come up here…

    • cerenagee

      so dumb. just cuz someone says a bad word does not at all make them classless or not sweet. people need to grow up

      • lmao

        I agree, I just find it funny that saying a bad word once is such a big deal :P It’s just cause they already hate the person, so anything they do is wrong. If they never said bad words, they’d be fake. You an’t win!

        • wht

          People were criticizing Selena not because of the bad word. It was mostly because of her lack of professionalism. I mean, she was in the middle of a show and she was yelling at the people that were responsible for the sound that were working hard to fix that just because she got pissed cuz her performance sucked as usual. It’s not those people’s fault if she chooses to lip-sync. That’s why people were calling her a spoiled brat.

          • anne

            I saw the video of the entire performance, I never saw or heard her yelling at anyone. She sounded really stressed and nervous though when she apologized for the technical issues. Then the only thing she said was ‘what the fuck’ at the end and I totally get it, they messed up so many times it was ridiculous!

          • wht

            So, this “what the fuck” was for the people that were in the sound. Many people also said that when she went backstage she threw her mic on the floor and started yelling to people and being all bratty. Some people had the view of the backstage. So, yeah… I mean, ok, I’d be annoyed too, but acting like this? None of the other singers got THAT pissed, all of them managed, even with the technical issues, to do a good performance. Plus, she went back saying “uuh sorry guys” and people said she was almost in tears. Like, girl loves using the “pitty me” strategy doesn’t she? Because crying because of something so ridiculous like THAT? whether she’s way too spoiled or she was doing a pitty me show. I don’t know.

          • ok

            So why do you guys support Ariana but not Selena for the exact same behaviour? Ariana might have acted “nice” this time cause she’s been told to, but there are many many people who have said she’s done exactly the same thing, going backstage and bitching and for no reason during the taping of her shows…She’s even worse imo! I don’t care if she’s able to sing, she’s so fake! She acts nice but many people have said she’s really really rude in reality!

          • wht

            Actually, I don’t support Ariana, lol. Many other people here don’t. She just has some credibility because she’s talent, but besides that, she seems way too rude.

          • hmm

            I don’t understand why talent gives you credibility. Why is having a voice such an amazing feet? 80% of it is being born with it and 20% is maintaining it…it’s just like having good looks, same thing. It’s mostly being born with it and if you don’t maintain it you lose it, if you do you improve it…what’s so special about having a voice? It’s not like you’re saving lives with it or significantly improving the world, it’s not like you had to study very hard for it either otherwise how come some 4-5 year olds can sing incredible…yeah you don’t HAVE to study for it if you’re BORN with it…so I don’t get it..

  • Katy

    Wow that was extremely immature. People were saying they don’t like her hair because it honestly looked bad. People who can’t take criticism need to grow up! Life is all about constantly improving yourself, if you can’t take criticism you’re never going to improve or grow up, you’ll always be the same! Would she rather prefer people lie to her and say something looks good when it doesn’t?

    Personally, I have “friends” who would tell me I look good even if I have a giant stain on my face and look like crap and I hat people like that. They’re not real friends, they suck. They’d rather I look bed, if anything -_- If she wants a fake opinion, yeah her hair looked great before…but if she wants a real opinion, she’s starting to look much better already by changing her hair up and I’m glad she did :)

    • Katy


  • wtf

    Seriously? Not only does this girl look 12, she acts 12 too! Her image is a carbon copy of Mariah Carey’s, so she’s not original at all. The only thing she has is a nice voice, and many people in the world have nice voices, so what?

    • cerenagee

      if most people in the world had nice voices like arianas then we would all be famous singers. sit down

      • wtf

        I didn’t say most people have nice voices, I said many people do. Like Ariana’s not the only person in the world with a nice voice and she doesn’t have the best voice in the world or anything. Look through YouTube for example, there are some great singers who just don’t have the opportunity to get as famous, but would probably appreciate it more. I just feel like people who get famous so young never appreciate it cause they take it for granted. They’re not mature enough to realize they’re really lucky and they start acting immature. Telling people to fuck off for such a stupid reason is ridiculous. She’s also ignored fans and walked out in the middle of fan meetings/signings…like get over yourself! She just started and she’s acting like this, what’s she gonna be like in the future?

        • djfkf

          Ariana comes from wealth and privilege, so there’s a good chance she has always been spoiled and bratty; the fame probably just made her more so. She has never struggled for anything in her life, and got famous not just because of her voice but because of her connections and knowing how to play the fame game better than others.

          • ha

            Ughhhh! Well that makes me dislike her even more. This and all the fans complaining that she was mean and disrespectful to them or that she seemed like she didn’t wanna be there but was forcing herself to smile. She is so big headed for no reason! Yeah, I think it’s time to delete any songs of hers from my iPod! Mariah’s the original, the copy’s never as good anyway :)

    • taty

      what are you talking about at least she can sing look at selena a spoil brat media trainwreck, who copies miley and is trying to be ms j with the wig and copies all her outfit at least Ariana has a real voice selena only lypsych and cant sing.

  • Sandy

    I can’t till if she’s genuine or not, I’ve also seen a vid where she completely ignored her fans who were calling out hair name pretty loud, she could of least smiled or waved at them

    • fffff
      • Rosemary


      • yuck

        Wow…I’ve seen tweets like that before too. Seriously, she just got started with music and she’s so stuck up already? Girl, you aren’t even doing anything new, you’re just recycling Mariah Carey’s sound and image. Gtfo! No amount of talent can excuse a bad personality, sorry.

      • omg

        He’s not the first famous person to say Ariana is disrespectful, let alone the first person to say it!

    • Caitlyn D

      Im not surprised to hear this at all

  • ugh

    I have a feeling she thought dropping a bad word would make her less fake, since everyone’s been complaining about that. Didn’t work. Now she seems fake and bratty.

  • hah
    • woaaaah

      OMG SHE DID HAVE A NOSE JOB! I was wondering what was different. What the hell, she looked so much better before, what’s wrong with her??? Oh wow this girl is way to insecure about her looks, she’s gonna look like a hot mess if she doesn’t stop changing her appearance.

      • anon

        A nose job is a rite of passage in the US and especially in the entertainment industry. You guys have found out why she poses on her left side. it’s actually to make her nose look smaller. When she takes pics full on her nose looks wide. Her eyebrows are shorter and her makeup is different than on Victorious.

    • OMG

      OMG NEVER NOTICED BEFORE! IS SHE DAMN CRAZY? HER NOSE WAS NOT BAD AT ALL. People that keep doing plastic surgery for stupid details or reasons are mad. Seriously I know so many people with a big nose that would kill to do that surgery… And I know ones with big nose that don’t care anyways. OMG she’s just so… Ew, she looks like someone that cares TOO MUCH for looks.

      • hey
        • hah

          Look the same to me

          • no

            It looks wider and longer. I also think if she touched it looks worse now, now it’s too small and flat.

          • taty

            she lost weight and she fixed her teeth

          • lols

            No, it’s just the angle of the picture that it makes it seem different. She never had a nose job, she just fixed her teeth. Look at Ariana’s new pictures compared to the past: THAT is a nose job.

        • hah

          she just fix her teeth

    • oh

      Her lips and nose look so different. Her entire face looks different. It’s disturbing :(

    • Creepy

      Is she trying to make herself look like Mariah or am I going crazy? The long blonde locks, the half-closed sort of “bedroom” eyes, the nose, the lips, the outfits, the behaviour, her music.

  • Janette

    People who’ve met her say she’s really stuck up, including the lead singer of The Cab who publicly said she’s a very unpleasant person, rude and conceited. People who’ve gone to the Victorious and Sam and Cat recordings have said that she cusses, whines and complains a whole lot backstage. During her fight with Victoria Justice if you guys remember Victoria tweeted about how Ariana would throw anyone under the bus to make herself look better. Now it looks like she tries to just smile and stand there to appear nice, which is probably why she seems so fake, but there are just so many people who say they’ve met her and she’s been rude, unfriendly ands tuck up, including famous people soooo I don’t see why people are surprised that she’s a spoiled brat. Also, if you’ve followed her on Twitter, you can see that she often tweets something bitchy, whiny or she just complains then she deletes it later…like it’s obvious that she’s not a very nice person, that’s the reason I’d never support her.

    • haha

      She’s like Selena 2.0! She can actually sing, but she has a worse personality, she’s faker and her real personality is unraveling faster than Selena’s did. And she cracked under pressure and said the f word sooner than Selena. Now we just have to wait for the exposingag Tumblr :P

    • adele

      She’s 20. : ) Also why do you choose to believe that negative instead of the positive? This says a lot about you.

      • well

        What does her age have to do with anything? She stormed out of a signing and ignored her fans this year, so…no sign of her having matured.

        • adele

          When did she storm out and when did she ignore fans? What is the backstory on that? 20 is still young. Miley will regret everything she did this year I bet in a few years and she will blame her age. Ariana will regret certain things too and blame her age. Both are correct. There’s no reason to get so freaking upset about these young women as if they killed someone. Either have patience or move on from them to someone else who s more perfect or more “real” in your eyes. She will be in the public eye because many industry people feel she can sing in an age where today many young stars sound like robot or pretend to be singers. So you can retire that Victoria Justice story. Nobody is talking about that ish.

      • Janette

        Yes, it does. It says I don’t like fake people :) I believe what those people say because it comes from credible sources: from people, fans, other artists, from those who have worked with her and have no reason to lie. In fact, an artist saying something bad about her would be burning a bridge, so it makes it even more credible. Plus her Twitter complaints that she deletes speak for themselves. They’re really bratty sometimes and her deleting them shows that she’s fake, trying to appear a certain way, when she really isn’t. I’m not negative about everyone. Can I say anything bad about Jennifer Lawrence for example? No! She’s awesome, talented, beautiful and genuine. I just think Ariana has been spoiled all her life, so this bratty personality is engrained for life and it’s only gonna get worse with the over the top praise some people are giving her. If you like her any way, that’s your choice. I just don’t.

  • adele

    Well I can’t see the video but I’m watching her chat tonight. she’s fun. I’ve gotta say she needs people on her team who can give constructive critiques when it comes to fashion, hair makeup and stage performance. How else is she gonna get better? I adore Ariana and wish the best for her. She can become a huge star or someone who sings. It’s up to her. As long as she is happy.

  • Hioceanup

    I cant see the vid but finallyyy people see what ive been seeing! Shes a spoiled rich kid who had plastic surgery and tries wayy to hard to sound/ be like mariah carey. Her dumb 12 year old fans buy her act because they dont who mc is. also her family knows the mob she said in a interview that her fam know the mob but arent really friends wtf. so thats why shes famous.

    • Cici

      …plastic surgery?

  • right

    People always blame others and never themselves. It’s always “the haters” fault, but there’s a reason some people are generally very liked and others aren’t…it’s cause the liked people are real and have amazing personalities and you probably don’t. Don’t complicate life it’s simple.

  • quana


  • quana

    such an obvious wig!

    • Caitlyn D

      if she keeps dressing like that no one will notice her hair

  • D

    Jesus people, back off! She can say whatever the fuck she wants, if she doesn’t want to change her hair or if she does it’s up to her, if she doesn’t take other peoples opinions is because it doesn’t make her happy so she can decide what makes her feel better, and enough with comparing her with selena gomez, they will never be the same, you just can’t compare them and you can’t say one is a bitch and the other is not because YOU DON’T know them in person, you can’t say “oh other people say outside the cameras she is a bitch…” you don’t know that and you don’t know that other people so use your own experiences and stop expecting her to change because you’ll only end up with your stupid ass comments of hate.

  • Caitlyn D

    my guess is that shes beautiful and she knows it.. thinks she can treat people any way she wants and they will just keep falling all over her

  • Connie

    Ariana Grande is the best!! She’s a good person!

  • ajleight

    Nose looks much less like a mule these days. Now if she could only do something about her voice.