ariana grande down hair
The flawless Ariana Grande wore her hair down for the first time publicly at KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball on Friday, December 6th. Haters complain that her hair always being the same up-do, so this is a monumental moment now that she has succumbed to their criticisms. Do YOU like her hair better down or in her same up-do?

  • Marina And My Diamonds


    • lordestan

      her hair is really shorrt,that is a wig so i dont think she will show her real hair anytime soon

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        A wig?! What’s so bad about her hair that she’s hiding it? Weird.

        • hey

          I think that her hair is really bad, at least I’ve heard someone say that she wears those extensions and ponytail because her real hair is damaged or something.

          • regina

            look at ari wig shopping,slay queen,beyonce and nicki wear them too !

          • ashleyofcourse

            actually alot of people wearwigs ive realized……

          • ARI

            take off the wig!

          • Destinie Brown

            You can clearly see her part in that picture. But she does have extensions. She only wears wigs for “Sam and Cat” b/c she can’t die her hair over and over again. During this performance would be the 1st time she’s ever worn a wig as herself.

  • true

    it looks waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better down. but it also looks fake like i can tell that theres weave lol and the blonde needs to go but other than that she should wear like this more often.

    • lordestan


  • Kayla


  • thesestrangelittlethings

    SO much better, oh my gosh.

  • cerenagee

    ugh yes. she looks stunning with it down

  • HarryCurls

    Looks better but it looks like a wig

  • Rosemary


  • ayy

    i think she looks waaayyy older with it down! she always looks like a child when she has it up!

  • radiate love baby


  • Dara

    Jesus Christ! It’s about time!!

    • GentileJewel

      Excuse! Me!???

  • adele

    Much better. Now the color needs to be a little darker, richer, glossier so the stagelights can reflect off it and shimmer like a diamond!

  • RedneckAtHeart

    FINALLY!!! She doesn’t look like a 12 year old. It looks so much better down.

  • Truth

    You can tell itsv a wig/weeve, but she looks her age and not 15 anymore. But she dont gaf anymore because she is completely ripping off mariah style and hari/outfit that mariah just wore.

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      Omg! After reading your comment I just realized how Mariah Carey her hair is.

  • Hollyhysteria


  • me

    omg ,that is a wig

  • me

    look at the close up pics of it,it is a wig .omg wear is the part at #smh

    • Lisa

      Her natural hair is really curly, maybe it got damaged from straightening it? :(

      • jen

        why didnt she keep it like this,it is stunning and in now because of lorde

        • jeiueu

          I think that if she hydrate it and take care of it she could look fine with curly hair. Taylor Swift in the past was fine with curly hair and so is Lorde now. I mean, why girls are so ashamed of curly and have to straighten her hair all the time? C’mon, she could look just fine.

      • LikeICare

        I love how Ariana used to look, so normal.
        These days she seems either fake or looks like a child pornstar.. not good bc pedos everywhere!

        • GentileJewel

          She looks like a child partly because she is a vegan! Not! Healthy!

          • LikeICare

            I agree.
            She’s already skinny af the whole vegan thing isn’t helping.

          • lara

            she got skinny from veganism, she wasnt always like that…

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            She’s still very skinny in both pics though.

          • meg

            not here,she lost way to much weight,your blind if you cant see that

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            Not blind, thanks! I was saying she was already skinny to me, I don’t see why she went all vegan to lose weight that wasn’t needed. She looked great before, now she looks unhealthy.

      • mary

        Wow, ok then that is most definitely a wig. She looks so different!!! She seems really insecure and superficial now, because she’s changed herself so much and reacts really strongly to any bad comments about her appearance, but not so much about her singing or her personality…

  • riri
    • LikeICare

      damn, she looks different… still better than now imo

  • riri
    • hm

      That looks so much better than her wigs…

      • ARI


    • justathought

      aside from her wearing a wig at this performance, has she gotten veneers, too? her teeth look much straighter and more square now..

  • riri
    • oh

      I don’t think that’s recent, cause her hair is red in that photo. Seems like it was from Victorious, cause she wore extensions there too. But if this is what her hair looks like, it’s sooo cute! Why would you wear a plastic wig over that? I don’t get it.

  • riri

    her real hair

  • riri
    • Taylor

      the clip on extensions part of the picture.. THATS A BOBBY PIN! and why do you guys care anyways?!?! everyone wears clip ons.. stop being so judgemental!

  • jojo
  • jojo
    • mandy

      She looked so much better before! She looks so…real compared to now! I don’t know what she did to her hair to have to wear wigs all the time now…I’ve been straightening and colouring my hair for years now and it’s hardly damaged…how come her’s is? Should I be scared? lmao

      • GentileJewel

        Yes! Stop!

  • wow

    It looks better, but it still looks a whole lot like a wig. And her saying “fuck off haters” who don’t like her hair? I guess her hair is really, really, really damaged and she just can’t do anything about it. Otherwise her getting so pissed off for nothing makes no sense.

  • karen

    He nose look different in these old pics. Did she have a nose job?

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      I was JUST about to point that out!

    • Destinie Brown

      I think it depends on the angle and smile. If her head is tilted you see more shape in comparison to tilting up.



  • ARI


  • ava

    i miss when she was white and chubby.she is too skinny

  • Caitlyn D

    i agree that she is flawless looking

  • Eva

    I remember reading an article where shes saying that after she dyed her hair multiple times for victorious her hair or scalp something like that got damaged. Maybe thats why?

  • Alysha

    I could see that her hair could be damaged from always dying it red for Victorious. She wears a wig now for sam & cat because she didn’t want to go red again. Dying it that much could make her hair super frail

  • Guntik8

    Her hair looks nice