Bieber’s Guard Threw Man Down Stairs?

bieber-douche (2)bieber-douche (1)Justin Bieber’s bodyguard is not being investigated by police amid reports he threw an Australian fan’s father down a flight of stairs on Friday. A member of the star’s security team has been accused of tossing a girl’s father through a door with a set of stairs behind it at the Hyatt Hotel in Perth on Friday after he began yelling that his daughter was being disrespected.

But Western Australian Police have denied reports they were investigating the incident and told TMZ that they weren’t aware of anything involving the 19-year-old star’s security team. Source said that the fan’s father was merely swiftly escorted out of the hotel after he demanded that he and his kids meet him.

Justin was detained by customs officials in Brisbane with his entourage on November 24 when they found traces of marijuana on one person. Australian Federal Police previously confirmed that Justin had to be cautioned for using ‘inappropriate language’ at the time.

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    So basically… this has nothing to do with Bieber, but is still posted to make him look bad. i’m not a fan of the kid, but I mean, its obvious that all OU does it post the negative.
    Didn’t he raise $400,000 for the Philippines ? .. haven’t seen one post about that lol

    • lol

      Yup. His PR team is sending him to Philippines to rehabilitate his image. But at least he will be doing something helpful, Philippines need all help it can get.

      • Scar

        Bieber always helped out, despite his image he did it always, stop being so ignorant ;)

        • lol

          He always donated money that is cool, but now he is building schools with his own hands and it being fully documented and distributed all over the media and posted multiple times on his instagram.

          • Scar

            Nothing wrong with that, at least he’s helping, documenting it and showing to everyone else might inspire them to do the same and help out. Promoting charity’s make people donate , use your common sense a bit please.

    • Guest

      OU’s on a mision like TMZ to make him look bad, sad cunts just like the rest of gossip sites reporting bad and fake stories. Leave the dude alone already, he’s doing good at least he is helping out unlike the ones sitting in home doing nothing for those poor victims.

    • Scar

      It’s over $550,00 now and will raise day by day, you can help out too, link is on his twitter I told my friends to all go and donate :) We can help together!