Harry Styles Kendall Jenner LEAVE NYC Hotel Together Video

Harry Styles & Kendall Jenner leave their NYC Gansevoort hotel together. The usually generous Harry Styles takes pics with two fans then DODGES THE REST OF FANS for the first time.. im crying bc she is bringing the worst out of him More videos under!

Eyewitnesses at the restaurant: ‘They leaned in to talk to each other. [Harry Styles] was really animated with Kendall. They definitely plan to hang out more.’ Harry on if he’s dating Kendall: ‘We just went out to dinner so no.. I guess. I don’t know.’

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  • in jesus name i pray amen


    He’s obvi trying to hide the fact that they may be dating, so he tried running away from fans. Like clearly everyone can see it.

  • live.love.learn.
  • anon

    So let me get this, every December Harry gets a girlfriend to spend the Holidays with, last year it was Taylor, this year I guess it’s Kendall, pretty sure they choose American girls so time tables and distance seem like an excuse for their break up. Nice played. Then the rest of the year he can fuck boys like he’s been doing for the past 2 years.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      “Every December Harry gets a girlfriend to spend Holidays with — Then the rest of the year he can fuck boys like he’s been doing for the past 2 years.”

      Wait… are you me?! You literally STOLE this from my head. PREACH IT.

      • sfasf

        Is there any proof that he’s gay or bi? I’m genuinely curious!

        • Anna

          Nope, just people assuming because he is a successful young guy that girls throw themselves at. In fact he is the biggest flirt in 1D, so I highly doubt he will ever come out.

          • sfasf

            Thank you for the response! I don’t know much about 1D,but I always thought Harry was really cute. I constantly see these gay rumors now,but previously every story was about all of the girls he was always sleeping with so I was really confused lol.

          • in jesus name i pray amen
          • Anna

            Speculation isn’t proof and that is all that post is. I’m sorry not everyone believes harry is in love with louis or even gay for that matter.

          • Anna

            No problem! The gay rumors seem to come from a bunch of immature bloggers who like to make up crap because they are bored with their own lives. May sound harsh, but it is true because these rumors spread out from twitter fan girls and are usually from really unreliable sources. Harry is just the subject of rumors in 1D and I hate it for him.

          • in jesus name i pray amen

            Umm there is plenty of proof so idk what you are talking about lmfao. Are you an oblivious fuck? Do you not know of the Larry Stylinson conspiracy? Look at all the gifs… and his weird relationship with Nick Grimshaw, and his old tweets with Louis.

          • Anna

            Hello obvious Larry Shipper *eye roll.

        • skldjdf

          He probably isn’t gay, but this thing with Kendall is still completely fake and done for PR.

    • :)

      People have been calling guys like Justin Timberlake, David Beckham, Channing Tatum gay back when they were Harry’s age…oh well guess those people are still dissapointed till now. Wanna see gay action? why don’t you watch gay porn or something?

  • —–

    publicity stunt.

  • sean

    It’s just publicity her thirsty mother is probably making her use harry. She likes black men.

  • rach

    I think it’s more pr than anything, I mean after all this is Kris mom, and he’s one of the biggest attention whores, still find it unfair that people wil call Selena or Taylor fame whores because they will date a celeb, yet Harry has been linked to so many celebs, yet he’s still perfect in your eyes shm

    • anon

      This tbh.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    I think it’s pretty clear that it’s publicity now. Where are all their other girlfriends? Kendall OF COURSE… had to be in NY for this. Just like Taylor… It’s too obvious now. Good God, enough of this!

    • BangBang

      Your use of gifs is always on top!

  • Bae

    I find them cute togheter.
    Fake or not :)

  • Zaina

    Guys lets begin coming up with names. Haylor 2.0 Hendall or Karry.

  • LikeICare

    It really annoys me, even though he’s a nice guy obvs, that he does the whole ‘oh my album is soon to be/just came out i must get publicity’ yet gets no shit for it. ya’ll calling selena a famewhore this is like the male version tbh.
    If his management is forcing him they can suck a duck bc its getting annoying each year

    • Anna

      His management IS forcing him, he isn’t a famewhore. I have never known famewhores to be as incredibly sweet and down to earth as Harry. He is forced into it and he is the only one in the band that is forced into relationships. It is unfair to him because there is one other single member of 1D and they just let him do his thing, while Harry’s reputation is ruined over their stupid PR. I hate their management team, obviously they are a bunch of inconsiderate assholes.

  • WatchOut

    the bodygard does not care about Kendall at all. :)

  • Duckyhoward15


  • anon

    Most obvious publicity stunt. December 2011 = Caroline Flack, December 2012 = Taylor Swift, December 2013 = Kendall Jenner who just got a major modeling contract and 1D has a new album out. We all know Kris Jenner likes to famewhore out her girls and 1D has modest management (aka shadiest motherfuckers)

  • anon

    Plus if they didn’t want to be seen they would NOT go out the front door, especially not together.

    • BananaYo

      Thank you for pointing THAT out. Some things to be honest are out of peoples hands. Sometimes things like this happen because it is after all a show business world. I mean, seriously if you are under a contract you have no choice sometimes EVEN if you have “a choice.” It sucks because things like this can easily be twisted.

  • Nina

    Jesus, it really makes my day that the bodyguard it’s just paying attention to Harry, and then leaving Kendall alone like 5km away from them being crushed like a bug hahaha

  • heather

    Lol you just know Kendall is loving this attention.

  • Camilla

    I keep telling you guys that harry is gay, guess no one will believe me until he comes out 10 years after one direction is no more huh? This “arrangement” was premade by management, just like haylor. Why won’t people think for themselves instead of freaking out everytime they see a pic online or read a story online… 95% of the things in the celebrity world are purposely placed together for various purposes. One direction has an album coming out, yes? Is that not why they are making appearances everywhere? performing on television? How about the Kardashians? as soon as kendall turned 18 her naked pics hit the internet, you think that was a coincidence? It’s the holiday season and their brands need more hype to keep up with the sales of other brands. Not that I should have to explain the Kardashian family to anyone because I’m sure we all know how they are as a family, let’s not forget kim’s history of doing anything to stay relevant or their mom’s heavy hand when it comes to keeping their kids in the spotlight… Come on guys, It saddens me that people get so upset over these things that are not real. Please stop being so naive, you’re all so much smarter and better than that! Think for yourself, stop mass thinking.. it will be the death of our generation smh.

    • :)

      People have been calling guys like Justin Timberlake, David Beckham, Channing Tatum gay back when they were Harry’s age…oh well guess those people are still dissapointed till now. Wanna see gay action? why don’t you watch gay porn or something??

      • Ashlynn

        Your whole comment was irrelevant, sorry it just really was stupid lol.

      • Camilla

        What are you talking about? Please put a little effort into your thought pattern before addressing what I said honey. What I said had nothing to do with any of those people, *insert disappointed sigh and disapproving head shake*

      • Glen Coco

        Hi, I was not even going to jump into this stupid mess but I actually grew up in the generation of the people you named (i’m guessing you’re more the one direction generation now) and I don’t remember there being a big thing about any of those three being gay? I mean im sure someone called them gay but it doesn’t really compare to harry’s gay accusations. Harry has never once verbally stated from his own mouth that he was straight, he simply said he was not bi but not being bi does not make you straight.

    • Anna

      Oh come on this guy is the biggest flirt ever and yes I mean with females. No one is naive or stupid for saying he isn’t gay, those that say he is are the naive ones. You’re basing everything off speculation and conspiracies, while him being into females is obvious. Yeah he gets a lot of fake PR relationships, but as I am pretty sure he didn’t date Caroline for PR since he never tried to be seen with her and always hid the fact they were dating. Taylor maybe was PR, that was never really proven real or not.
      But calling someone gay because they are successful and attractive is stupid because every male celebrity like him is called gay and it usually isn’t true.
      This thing with Kendall is obviously fake since that family will do anything to get their name out there, but as far as Harry being gay I doubt it.

  • It’s Britney Bitch

    You guys are all idiots for buying into this shit every year. That’s it, that’s all,. no responses needed because it won’t change the fact that you’re still an idiot.

  • BangBang

    Even though most of his fans don’t buy any of this it still sells, which is sad.

  • whatever.

    Honey he gay.