Lorde ‘I Like K-Pop & Want To Collab’

lorde lee hi kpop
Lorde revealed in an interview with Universal Music that she likes K-Pop and wants to collab with Korean superstar, Lee Hi. She said, “Personally, I really like K-Pop groups. I particularly like the musician Lee Hi. I want to try a collaboration with Lee Hi. I also like 2NE1.” She then sang a little bit of Lee Hi’s “1,2,3,4.” Lorde, who is the same age as Lee Hi, explained her reasons for liking K-Pop: “It is because their melodies and songs are very interesting. Their melodies are a lot more charming than the Western pop which I grew up listening to. If it is pop music, it should be to that extent.”

During the interview, she also revealed that she was not a great dancer. Lorde said, “I think I need to receive a dancing lesson from Girls’ Generation.” She continued, “If I get the chance, I definitely want to go to Korea and meet everyone. I hope that my present album has music that holds significance to everyone.”

  • mua

    Never thought I’d see a pic of Lee Hi here in OU.

    • yee

      thought I was on allkpop and didn’t notice for a second

      • mua

        I hadn’t even processed it was her lol. I do hope to hear a collab soon!

  • hmmm

    Oceanup, did y’all catch the shade that Bieber throw at Selena with his last tweet? Now I see they would never work, both are vindictive

  • Lala

    A Lee Hi & Lorde collab would be so epiic! <3
    they are both so talented and it would turned out amazing!!

  • cerenagee

    lorde looks lovely here!!

  • miusx

    the only difference between k-pop and western pop is language, the melodies sound exactly the same, j-pop music is more charming and gives that “sparkly” vibe tough