Miley Get It Right & Adore You LIVE

Miley Cyrus performing at LIVE at KIIS FM’s JINGLEBALL. More under!

  • selena sucks

    selena take some notes ya fucking dumb bitch. this is a performace!

    • sure

      Guess what? Even though Selena might not be the best singer, she’s got the guts to be doing what she loves to do every single day and earning cash for it anyway! Do you have the guts to do what you TRULY want in life even you’re not the best and it seems impossible to do? No? Didn’t think so!

      Selena’s traveling to places you might never go and meeting people you will never meet, she’s having a blast doing things most people would never do, she’s earning more money than most people ever will and she’s still young, gorgeous and full of life! Are you doing that? No? Didn’t think so. So how exactly is she a dumb bitch again? She’s not? Didn’t think so.

      If you don’t like her music, nobody’s forcing you to listen to it. If you don’t think she’s the best singer, nobody’s saying she is, not even her…she knows she isn’t! She’s still doing what she loves. Sooo what’s it matter to you? I feel like people who hate her are just hateful that she’s earning cash doing something she enjoys even though she’s not the best. Get off your ass and do the same thing, your life is gonna improve times a billion and you’ll stop being so bitter and hateful to some girl you don’t even know who’s living a better life than you are!

      • :)

        “Earning more money than most people ever will,” ah yeah, by being a phony and robbing her fans of their allowance, because the girl CAN’T sing LIVE.

      • anonymous

        they both also look very unhappy after the brief moments of ‘glamor’. i don’t think the average girl should particularly look at their lives as enjoyable

    • anonymous

      i’m surprised there’s so many bitter people supporting your comment

  • Jo

    Miley never lip sync’s. She sounded so good last night, and she looked great too! I was so embarrassed for Selena. She has no business calling herself a Singer. And Getaway flopped, so the only thing she can do real well is play Alex Russo. =/

    • Loli


    • johnny

      Miley always has been a better performer and vocalist than Selena. Its not just gonna change overnight. But Selena really didn’t have to lip sync, cause its known she doesn’t have the best live vocals. And has performed the song decently enough without lip syncing. So its really just laziness.

    • hey

      This is to show you how this industry is all about image, unfortunately. This is why the X-Factor works, they produce plastic boybands that have no talent at all, but become famous because they are pretty or funny. Simon is a marketing professional, not a musician. I’m sure there are so many people way more talented than Selena but that just are not as famous because they don’t have an “image”. The reality is sad.

      • yep

        Of course it’s all about image, silly! It’s ALWAYS been like that. If it wasn’t all about image, Miley wouldn’t be half naked on stage acting stupid with her weird dancers, she’d simply sing her song and get off stage and that would be enough.

        Even before it was all about image, with the Beatles. They claimed to be all about love, peace and equality, nothing superficial or material…and yet some of them if not all drove extremely expensive cars, lived in huge costly houses…it’s ALWAYS been fake, it’s nothing new!

        What happens is their marketing team researches what people would buy at the moment and they PRODUCE a celebrity or a band accordingly. If there’s no proof that it would sell, nobody would invest money in it…

    • why

      Miley sounded great, but look horrible. I don’t know what you’re on to think this is a good look! Selena sang badly, but she looks great like 90% of the time. So don’t be embarrassed for either of them, they both have their flaws and their qualities, they’re both making a ton of money doing what they love and they both seem like happy, young girls. They’ve got much more going on than most people their age, what’s embarrassing about that?

      Neither of them has good songs or original ideas, or much substance in their songs, so…it’s not like Miley’s talent is being put to some amazing use, she’s singing the same cheap ass superficial songs as everyone.

    • anonymous

      that was yelling not singing. and looks like miley is the only drug addict of the two. so the whole ‘miley’ business is unappealing to me. selena is too tempted to compete with the self-destruction fame and that’s unappealing too

  • Loli

    She sings really good her but she looks bad ,same for Selena she cant sing but she looks good . So the key words are talent and beauty ,only one is enough to make it in da industry

  • heyyyyyyyyyy

    Selena has Lip Sync’d every TV performance. So Selena IS An Actress!!

    • johnny

      she has actually sung live on tv plenty of times before, without even using a back track. She just started using back tracks when come and get it came out and she dances during the performance. Shes performed the song live on tv plenty of times with no back track same for Slow Down.

  • hahaha23

    Selena dropping the CFC Bomb at Jingle Ball lpol

  • hahaha23
  • Ffghjbh

    Wow Miley can sing she is not pretending

  • wow

    I love how the only place with good reviews for Miley is OceanUp. So far, the only thing I’ve seen for this performance from other sites is “Miley gives us the one present we really didn’t want this Christmas” lmao

  • ugghhh

    She always tries to outdo herself with uglier and uglier outfits. I don’t care if it says Chanel, Versace or Gucci on that bag, it’s seriously one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen! What a wast of money, I can make you a better looking bag for f*ck’s sake! Proof that you can have all the money in the world and still have zero taste.

  • Mandy

    She looks like those androgynous fitness instructors in terrible unflattering 80s clothing that everyone cringes at.

  • threelittlebirds

    She needs to stop wearing these type of outfits. They’re unflattering on her.

  • cerenagee

    She sounded good but her voice was pitchy in get it right. I love Selena and will always love her but I’m embarrassed for her. Vocals, miley destroyed her. But miley looks so trashy in this costumes. Like she needs to stop.

  • cerenagee

    Adore you was sung so beautifully

    • :)

      Damn this bitch can sing. Can’t wait to see the video to this song.

      • cerenagee

        She can. She is a little music genious. She really has some power vocals on her. I can’t wait for it either!

        Hopefully, it is a bit deeper than her AMA performance

  • getlikemiley


  • taty

    miley can sing extremely good, didn’t nick sing summer sadness too?nick your girl is calling you!!

  • BrokenArrow18

    I love LOVE LOVE this song so much is my fave from the album I just love it