Miley ‘WAY to Cold & Rainy For Dis Sh*tz’

miley-shitWAY to early, cold, & rainy for dis shitz.

  • LikeICare

    she should stop writin lik dis bc she dzntz even tlk like diis

    • :)


  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Lol. She wrote “shits” like “shitz” and still that wasn’t her biggest grammar fail.

    *”WAY too early, cold & rainy for this shit.”

  • Rosemary

    Honest to God, when are people gonna learn the difference between TO and TOO?!?

  • hmm

    She seriously reminds me of this korean singer called G-Dragon. I think she’s copying him to be honest, from his attitude, to his image, to his style…everything.

    Anyways, you guys covered the spelling errors so I won’t lmao they were bugging me so much!

  • :)

    Holy smokes, looks like somebody had a rough night. Been there done that. But she still looks good.