Rebecca Black Saturday Music Video

  • K


  • EW


  • Mandy


  • Zaina

    I like it.

  • LikeICare

    The thirst is real.

  • No


  • Dara

    Oh God… Just when people FINALLY started to forget about Friday, she decides to bring it back. This is obviously just for attention. Such an annoying little bitch

  • allison

    at least its better than friday

  • Cat

    do none of you realise she’s not bringing back Friday for attention she’s bringing it back to laugh at it and move on musically. No matter what song she does it will always be from “the girl who sang Friday”. But this song kind of closes the chapter on that which will allow her to do the kind of songs she wants to do.

    • Dara

      Please. She won’t ever “do the kind of songs she wants to do” because 1. Who would sign her? and 2. She is still talentless and uses to much auto tune

      Plus she should’t be making fun of the whole reason she is famous…

      • Seriously

        Actually she has already started doing her own songs, and she doesn’t use auto tune. She actually is a really good singer. Check out her YouTube and get the facts before you start talking shit when you don’t even know.

        • Dara

          Um yeah I know damn well about her youtube channel. And she STILL can’t sing. There are undiscovered singers out there that are 100 times better than she is. I watched a few of her videos on her channel a while back, and it reminded me why I hate spending more than five minutes in the same room with an annoying 16 year old girl

    • K

      Yeah… I’ll remember this comment when she releases “Sunday”

  • Lola

    does she only know how to sing about days of the week?
    Plus the video is a copy of ‘we cant stop’ or at least shes trying to…

    • amy

      You realize that this is satirizing Friday right? She references lyrics from Friday throughout the song in order to make fun of it.

  • dlovCyr

    Trying too hard. & Why does she consider herself a youtuber… kindly fuck off.

  • mj

    please Rebecca Black,for the love of GOD, stop making music.I beg you, my head hurts.

  • Marion

    This is even worst than “Friday” So fuckin’ annoying, this makes me want to throw up, dear, stop doing music please.

  • Lauren

    It’s a little hilarious that some people genuinely think she’s being serious. It’s obvious that she’s making fun of Friday throughout the whole song / video & doing it to move on. Of course she’ll always be remembered as the girl who sang Friday but people can now see she’s able to laugh at herself & get on with doing whatever else she wants to do in life.

  • ScrewThaHaterz

    Some of you are actually ridiculous. This girl went through a tremendously hard time with the amount of hate she got for something she just thought would be fun as a 13 year old. Do you have any idea how hard it is for a 13 year old to deal with being told to kill yourself and other things from millions of people on a daily basis over a song. I respect this girl so much because she took something that alot of people have actually killed themselves over and owned it. She learned from that video and she’s trying to better herself and you idiots still talk crap. She’s a stronger braver and more courageous person than most of you hating on her. I admire her persistence so much and the fact that shes only 15/16 right now and has the balls to look back on a dark time and laugh at it and make fun of it is incredible. I’m rooting for her so hard.

    • Dara

      Please. If she was smart, she wouldn’t have posted this video. She knew she was going to get a lot of hate for this. It seems to me like she just wants attention and wants everyone to be saying basically what you said.

  • keisy_Beccaholic08

    I love this song <3