Selena Head Down After Lip Sync Scandal

Selena when happier befoe the show under!

  • Amanda

    Get over it, lots of artists lip-sync.

    • part


      • azi

        She left Disney. She only has the HWR tie. They don’t even play her videos on Disney Channel anymore.

      • PshPlease

        Uhm no A LOT of people lipsynch… if you dont want to accept it just to be a bitch and hate on her.. thats fine… it doesnt change the truth though

        • Lily

          A lot of entertainers lip synch, true, but REAL musicians shouldn’t have to.

      • Cici

        lol I don’t understand why everyone is so angry about this

    • hmo

      Girl, no. Some lip-sync sometimes NOT all the time. Those who lip-sync also we know that CAN sing. Rihanna can sing, Mariah lip-synced sometimes but we know she can sing. Selena’s a mediocre singer. It’s not like “Oh, Selena lip-synced but it’s ok cause we all know she can sing well”. NO! Her dance moves were weak, there’s no excuse. Lip-syncing is something ANYONE can do, even the dumbest and talentless person in the world, it’s no certificate of talent. That’s why Kid Rock dissed her, seriously, you wanna be a singer? THEN FUCKING SING.

  • Duckyhoward15

    what happened ?

  • asdf she dropped the f-bomb hahahaha

  • Izzie Baghdavadze

    once lip-sync on “come & get it”..di u watched “birthday”?it wasn’t lip-sync….on “come & get it” it were backs…

    • Ricardo

      Exactly, that’s why I tried to explan yesteday, hate the way they say “accept that she was doing playing” but they don’t accept the fact that the microphone wasn’t working and then the lights when out that’s why she said “What The Fuck”.

      • bgf

        get off her nuts stans. when other celebrities lip synced did you guys say the same thing? i doubt it. she messed up get over it. i hate when people defend these celebrities with their life when the celebrity wouldn’t even give you the time of day had the tables been turned. shut the fuck up defending adults, they can take responsility for their own actions.

        • lol

          lol @ you acting as you don’t defend celebrities too.

          • bgc

            never have, no point in that… I have real friends and real family, I don’t act as if I know these celebs if I don’t so why would i waste time defending them and who would i defend them to because my friends just don’t care that much. haha.

          • Dara

            Lol. If you don’t care that much, then why did you write the comment? Go spend time with your “real friends and family”

          • bgc

            guess you should learn to read. I said “who would i defend them to because my friends just don’t care that much. haha.” If you can’t read why did you write the comment? Go to school so you won’t sound so illiterate.

          • Nessie

            LOL!!!! i find it hilarious because you tried so hard to make your point and then you got shut down because you didn’t even read what you were responding to properly. that has to feel shitty.

      • kurty

        EXCUSES, EXCUSES that all you do for her lazy ass, the microphone was obviously working is that she didn’t want to sing live and her fake playback wasn’t singing well and it was making her look so stupid because she acting like she belting out and what she really was doing is lypsich which made her look more stupid when she couldn’t keep up, she so unprofessional she cant handle pressure the way real singer can because if she will had been able to sing well she will had sang without it, she look so stupid and lazy

  • anonymous

    when people who aren’t that good start being aggressive they’re a joke. people don’t have to respect you for just being there. and sound problems happen. maybe she’d prefer the life of someone like taylor momsen?

  • demo

    why she acting so rude tours her fans? tham she kind handle a little fame miley is bigger and she never acted like a stuck up bitch and she was bigger than selena and had a lot mmore fans than selena and a lot more haters than selena, I guess mileyis better than her even at handling things. selena true color are coming out told ya selena fans, and stop making excuses no is not alright to lipsych because you pay for the artist voice not for something you can hear on a cd! why you all got used to her mediocre and when she gives you garbage u still eat up her garbage are you guys have such low self estem that you wiling to get crab wow selena fans wow!


    this so unprofessional of her, if she dance like o lot like other artist do but she don’t even do decent dancing for her to lypsich, I don’t know how anyone can support such a lazy artist because in reality that what she is a lazy artist she needs to work out while singing like miley did, miley goes into a huge workout because going to a concert she prepares herself in every aspects which is why she sing and dance when she did her concerts but selena don’t even bother to work out to build her lungs probably why miley is always bigger than her she works for it while selena just want to play dress up, which this is not a modeling concert but a singing one which is what selena and her fans forget, you want to model cloths go right ahead but t=don’t try to sing and just because you dresses certain way DOES NOT GIVE YOU A PASS FOR HORRIBLE SINGING.

  • Cici

    I absolutely love that wig. It makes her look so edgy!

    • :)

      Nothing can make her look edgy!

      • Cici

        The wig does.

    • CARRY

      it makes her looks like Hannah montana lol sselena you aint Hannah montana

      • Cici

        She looks nothing like Hannah lol

  • Tony Stark

    Can someone explain why is she so famous and overrated? Gosh. Many had problems but handled it like a pro, she on other hand embarrassed herself like it’s her first time performing? God Selena just stop with music and focus what God gave you talent for, acting! And that outfit….may I say WHAT THE FUCK?

    • sostp

      Omg, stop use multiple users to write the same thing over and over and vote your own comments up. Your comments dont ever will make her stop her music career since I suppose you don’t buy or listen her music. The only ones with that power to end her music career are her own fans, if a day they stop to go to her concerts, request her songs at radio and buy them.

      • Tony Stark

        Bitch please this is my only account find some better excuse since people FINALLY SEEING how bad she is and what her true colors are. Stupid selenators.

  • hmmm

    It bores me that Brian is escorting her out as she is a injured child. Imo she just threw this fit because he was there. Selena always act as a child when she is with her parents. Brian shoud have made her go back on stage and end her set, that’s a parent role. They can’t treat her as some bibelot, she is an adult now.

  • Troll

    Karma! Slutena deserve it! Now she will go away and nobody will hear about her anymore! Now waiting for Taylor the whore career to go down and the world will be a better place!

    • lol

      lol you wish! tonight she already performing on another jingle ball.

  • Silver

    I love Selena so much but I am happy that this happened…. Maybe it will prompt her to start acting and acting alone.