Demi ‘I Fear That Someone Will Stab Me’

demi-lovato-anxiety (1)demi-lovato-anxiety (2)Credit: ONTD. + new pix of Demi with her family!

  • LikeICare

    shush u don’t even have it that bad.

    • ..

      Because you know her so well *eye roll*

      • LikeICare

        She’s not that famous…

  • Siel

    Title from the Source: “Demi On Nylon Talks About Her Anxiety In Crowds”


    Never change.

    • Rosemary


  • jinx

    Tell me one single person in Hollywood that doesn’t have anxiety problems? Miley, Selena, Demi… All of them do. That’s weird. Hollywood sucks. I wouldn’t wanna be them.

    • A Cat

      True that. As much as it benefits being a celebrity (money, getting to do what you love for a living, etc.), there is often stalking incidents involved with them. It makes me feel for them since their career could be totally over with one bad move as well. Think of all that pressure.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    Her hair looks particularly dirty in that pic… :/ Those extensions need help!

  • A Cat

    The fact that grown men try to kiss girls without their consent disgusts me.

  • WickedlyMiserable

    Sometime I think that celebrities in general want us to feel pity of them. The are most of the time talking about paparazzis, the fact they are in the public eye, not privacy at all, anxiety, etc, etc. but I don’t see any of them quit their jobs. If their lives are as bad as they said why they don’t quit?. There isn’t a perfect job. Every single want comes with sometime not great at all. I guess they don’t quit because the pros of their jobs are better than the cons. There are so many worst jobs in the world!! Doctors lose patience everyday, policemen, firefighters, soldier, risk their live every since day in their jobs, postmen have to walk miles in the sun in their jobs, engineers may risk the live of other people if they don’t do their job right. None of those people complain about their jobs at all because as much as celebrities because they actually love what they do. They should stop complaining and suck it up as all of us do.

  • WatchOut

    Well I have worked as a waitress (I was 15)and I can tell you I was sceard to death sometimes.
    When people get drunk you do not know what happens next. People try to touch you everywhere and they try to kiss you and everything.