Selena Gomez NOT LIP SYNCING?!

selena-gomez-lip-sync-scandal-22Selena Gomez’s ear piece was broken at JINGLE BALL! The Hot Hits Live From LA hosts Dave Styles and Maude Garrett are here to explain exactly what happened. David was on the side of stage when Selena performed:

‘The ear pieces inside, they’re called in ears, they were having issues, I don’t know if they were off or just too loud sometimes. So she had to pull them off. So she couldn’t really hear. A lot of people I’ve noticed saying that she lip synced,

And I can tell you she did not lip sync. She was not lip syncing. But she did come out and say ‘sorry we’re having audio issues’. The audio issues she was referring to were the in ear things.’

What happened is, the first song stopped, the lights kind of went quiet for a minute, she walked to the back of the stage and she yelled ‘What the ****!’ And unfortunately that was still on mic. The best part was, after all that, you can clearly tell she’s mad. The lights came back on and she had to smile.’ See you at The Grammys next year haters! Miley probably f*cked with the sound during Ariana and Selena’s performances..

  • Dara

    Oh God. Let the pissed off comments begin

  • cerenagee

    Seriously. Can not wait for all the Selena bashers and Miley Stans to comment on this. If the hosts are saying she wasn’t lip synching then the only thing I can think is that her backtrack is way too loud and she sings along with it way too low.

    • Liz

      Exactly! Like we understand she wasn’t INTENTIONALLY trying to lip-sync, but it still proves that her backtrack is really high to make up for her weak vocals. A lot of singers use a backtrack, but Selena’s is definitely the loudest. Which is ridiculous because “Come and Get It” should NOT be hard to sing live.

      • cerenagee

        Definitely agree. She needs to turn the back track down and strengthen those vocals.

      • in jesus name i pray amen

        This is probably what happened. OR… She was singing live and her mic was just OFF & there was a backing track at full volume.

        • cerenagee

          Deff a possibility aswell. Especially if she’s singingand nnothing was coming out and that’s why she said wtf. She didn’t realize her mic was working again.

          • in jesus name i pray amen

            MTE. Although it’s rather ridiculous how the mic turned on JUST as she finished. Like OKAY. Sounds kind of like sabotage or… the sound people were misinformed? Maybe the sound people were instructed or thought she was going to lip-sync, and so she was like confused. Cuz If they were instructed that she was lip-syncing, Im sure they turn her mic on after every song so she can talk/intro the next song, hence the WTF accident.

          • cerenagee

            All good points.

          • B

            also she dances so she has to have the track under her while she sings, she’s singing live just over a track, its not a lack of vocals. I went to her concert expecting her to sound horrible and the second she started singing i was blown away at how much she’s improved, the only time she used a track under her were during the really really hard songs to do while dancing

    • ariana grande

      but she really was lip syncing…

  • 19YearOld

    I’m sorry, how is having vocals go through even when your microphone is no where near your face and your lips not moving not lip syncing?

    • cerenagee

      Back track.

      • anongirl

        That was too loud to be a back track. And when she resumed “singing”, there was no difference between the tone of her live voice and the back track. Shouldn’t her voice sound louder, after all? I’m sorry, I don’t know if I’m explaining myself well… anyways, I’m not hating on her. I’m just saying. Plus, she’s not the first to lip-synch. Many other singers, even the most talented ones, have done it.

        • cerenagee

          Thats what I’m saying. Her backtracking was too loud and she sings way too low. In other performances her backtracking was loud but never as loud as this one. In previous performances I could at least hear her real voice.

    • Mellz89

      The earpiece was messup.. she couldnt hear a she cant sing to follow up.
      Maybe thats why they play the backup tracks louder.. so the performance keep on running. Get it.

  • Since they messed up, there’s no other way than to put a halo on Selenita’s head.

  • adsafsafsf

    haha. ok sure. all i know is that these girls taking it up a notch at the same time the tech guys start not to care about their work

    I’d say one or the other is more scared of Hilary Duff comeback.

    It relates. it relates. you need to have a special crazy mind to put two n two together.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    So many theories. She did look like she was lip syncing, I mean we’ve caught her lip syncing before, I don’t know why it’s a big deal now. Or maybe someone paid these guys because she was embarrassed. Or her mic was off, OR her backing track was loud and her mic was turned down low for breathing effect.

  • Bruno Mars

    the main picture…why does she belt out simple song like come and get it like it’s a screamo song?

    • cerenagee

      For the yeah part. She didn’t just “sing” come and get it though.

      • Rainbow3000

        The yeah part is not a screamo part…yeah, I am so annoyed by her stage mannerism. It’s so pretentious. I prefer her back on the kiss and tell days. She look way more natural.

        • cerenagee

          Its not a screamo part but there’s a yeah that’s pretty strong.

          • :)

            if it’s not screamo then why does she act like she’s some screamo rockstar??

          • cerenagee

            Reread above comment ha

    • Cici

      lol Screamo

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    I just want to say that this article by Dave Styles and Maude Garrett is complete horse shit because she was NOT singing. The audio coming out was NOT from her live voice. She missed lyrics in Come & Get It — yet the track kept going. Obvi they’re trying to do some damage control on her behalf. Like I said in my other comments in this post, there are other theories to be said, but that was DEFINITELY NOT her singing live lol.

    My thing is… DO YOU THINK WE’RE IDIOTS?

  • moo

    How come Ariana Grande does not have back track?

    • cerenagee

      Not all artists do it. Most artists who dance a lot do it. Ariana doesn’t dance that much. And her voice is soooo powerful she doesn’t need it. Selena has poor vocals. We all know this by now.

    • :)

      cause selena voice sucks and ariana doesn’t

  • Rainbow3000

    As a selenator, even I know she lip sync because she’s not much of a singer. Why can’t others accept it too?

  • HeyThereDuhhLila

    These people are confused. They can’t play this down.

    I agree that her in-ear’s probably weren’t working, but trying to minimize the fact that the mic was nowhere near her mouth and yet her voice was belting at full volume is an issue. If she didn’t mean to lip sync and her mic was just too low/not on – her backing track is still way too freaking LOUD. She might as well be lip syncing if she’s going to have her mic on .005 volume & her backing track at a 10.

    Yet, whilst she’s lip syncing or low singing (whichever you prefer to call it) to her backing track – she looks like she’s trying to belt for the heavens. That’s what I really don’t get.

  • HarryCurls

    I would have more respect for her if she just admit she lip sync instead of trying to find a way to defend her weak singing ability

  • ariana grande

    omg we’re not dumb she was CLEARLY lip syncing hello

    • demo

      I know right they cant fix it she was caught multiple time lip singer why they are lying??? please anyone who think she wasn’t lip singing is just dumb!


      I agree! They all think we’re stupid. We’re not KIDS anymore, seriously, nice try to them, but they failed. And honestly it only makes the situation looks worse, because now we all know she can’t even admit she’s lip-syncing and EVERYONE knows that she did it in her last performances. She was dancing just like other times in the Jingle Balls, why would that be different from her last performances? Suspicious much. People are saying maybe the backtrack was too loud. When the backtrack is too loud, folks, even tho the person is singing, WE CAN’T HEAR THEM, SO IT’S THE SAME AS LIP-SYNCING! It’s just a strategy to make people believe it’s not lip-syncing, but it is. It’s the same damn thing.

    • yep

      THIS! I KNOW RIGHT I wanted to post this to make a point like WTF We’re not dumb and it’s clearly evident in the video, if it’s supposedly a backtrack and she’s singing along to it then why not she just without the backtrack oh guess cause we all know she’s not a great vocalist.

  • thesestrangelittlethings

    This is ludicrous. Nopenopenope.


    How dumb do they think we are? Lmfao she was lip syncing and it’s pretty damn obvious.

    I would’ve bought that her mic wasn’t working and she was singing along to a backtrack if
    A) the backtrack wasn’t so damn loud.
    B) she hadn’t been dumb enough to scream WTF while the mic was on lmao

    Clearly the mic was functioning. She chose to lip sync and then forgot to “sing” in sync with the backtrack. Smh spin it any way you want, but she still lacks vocal talent.

  • Loli

    Lip syncing or not she is a bad singer after all

  • BangBang

    I wonder how much they paid these two guys.

  • Rah

    I call bullshit. She was not singing. She shouldn’t be singing!

  • Zaina

    Let the people who can’t spell come and insult people with their ol mighty wisdom of how Selena was lipsynching.

  • Geo. Logic

    Bullcrap. Girl can’t sing live to save her life. Very snarky BS comment at the end too (re: Miley screwing with audio to mess up Selena and Ariana. Give me a damn break.)

  • Marina

    her performances were already boring, now that she lip syncs it got even worse! this girl is a joke!

  • anon

    At least Come & Get It she was totally lip syncing. Not sure about the others songs

  • Lala

    I hardly think any of you are musically equipped to state someone lip syncing or not and definitely not fully knowing of the music industry, it’s not about having the greatest voice it’s about the show performance, how you engage the audience. Being able to sing nowadays is just an added bonus cause no one will come watch a show boring as hell but with vocals like nobodies business and quite frankly some people need to stop making assumptions as if you were actually there when you infact have no idea what’s truly happened in this situation. Let me note that this is my opinion and you’re entitled to yours.

    • kurty

      we expect a person who can sing live because that what we pay for if I wanted to hear the cd version I woudnt go to the concert. people pay for a singer not a mimicking monkey ok! don’t try to play this shit up, she was lip singing and she was caught does she really think we are that stupid we cant tell? but guess what selena is not even a good performer and who fed you that garbage selena, people pay a singer and we want them to sing if I wanted to see a performance I will go to broadway. this stupid girl must really think we are stupid to try to pull off such lie. I lose more and more respect for selena everyday.

    • delle

      I’m not being a hater, but I’m just stating what I believe. I fully understand where you’re coming from for your opinion.

      A singer is not exempt from their talents just because they are on stage. There are talented musicians who, if they stay put, can match the vocals on their record, and those, to me, are true musicians. They have minimized autotune to what it was actually meant for – tweaking up little bits of imperfections, not most of their song.

      Actors don’t have the ability to fine tweak their talent while performing on camera. It is as it comes, if they can’t act, they’re done. You can’t tweak your exam grades to get into law school, med school become an architect, etc. Because if you can’t do it properly the first time, they KNOW you won’t do it properly once you’re in that profession.

      So why is it different for musicians? Why are they able to tweak their work and it’s okay for them to sing like dying whales on a beach during live performances?

      See what I mean?

  • party

    selena I want you know that we are not stupid people and that you and your pr team must think so to try to play this lie with us shae on you, it will had been better for you to confess because what you were caught red handed on video so why are you trying to make you fans believe such an obvious lie, you must think your fans are stupid to try to pull this off, you must think they are so dumb they will believe any crap you tell them because they cant think for themselves, you just told them by doing this that you think they are stupid! that’s what you think that your fans are stupid?

  • Balraj

    She lip syncs other times so whatever.

  • Mack

    At one point she pulled her mouth away from the mic. Her voice kept going but she wasn’t singing…. Yeah, that’s NOT lip syncing, Dave. Blame the in ears. Uh-huh.

  • sharis

    Stop defending her and accept she’s not professional, First for lipsyncing and secondl for making so much drama about a stupid technical problem. There’s singers who has power outages on stage and they keep singing. So stfu

  • tom

    Exstremely unprofessional of Selena. She is usually very media-trained so it surprises me that she swore (and so loud!! Someone seemed pissed). Also, it’s embarrassing that she lip syncs when she isn’t even having a hard choreography. People pay to see her and it’s her job to entertain as a singer and the least she can do is to at least attempt to sing live.. Why should people pay too see someone life if they can just listen to the album at home?
    Also, i think it’s annoying with the double standards with the young artists’ outfits. In the Miley post, people were saying she was wearing too little clothes in front of children but this is the same concert, and Selena Gomez is basically wearing lingerie in an ugly Halloween style. Her outfits are not ‘classier’ than Cyrus’, and Cyrus at least knows how to put on an entertaining performance and actually SING her songs.

  • demi

    Doesn’t matter she ALWAYS lip sings. Blaming it on the sound is the typical problems of someone who doesn’t want to admit she wasn’t singing. Don’t her fans always claim she never curses and is completely innocent? Ha that’s funny

  • alex

    If a person cannot dance and sing at the same time they shouldn’t be a performer. My view on Selena has gone down so much thanks to this. If she can’t do her job well, why does she even do it? She should just stick to what she knows instead of pretending as though she can do something. Also, this isn’t the first time people have thought she was lip-syncing (half time show).

  • alex

    The mainstream is what I’m talking about. Fans are clueless they met the girl and follow her career. It has nothing to do with Instagram . The “mainstream” … SOCIETY had seen this girl in action. Want me to name all the things she has done that prove I’m right? She’s far from careful. If she was careful she wouldn’t do things like above.if she was trained well in the media the things she’s done wrong in the media wouldn’t be publicized. Looks have nothing to do with talent as brains. And don’t dare being actors and politicians into this to justify what she did. That’s wrong with the wrong people can’t accept when they are wrong and get on with it. Cut the crappy excuses. She was wrong in what she did. No one I know would act like that so don’t say everyone. Some people know how I act professional and don’t try to sing if they know get can’t. Disney choose kids not on looks but for the characters why u keep bringing up et looks which isn’t much to brag about idk dating Bieber was a ploy by her team it’s not secret. Doesn’t have nothing to do with “playing the game” or whatever you’re talking about this is just about a young girls thirst for fame with no talent to back it up. Why people are trying to always change the subject when it comes to her beats me

    • hmmm

      lol you look mad

  • lol

    She doesnt even know her own songs. What a fail at lip-syncing! At least when others lip they are right on target! And the whole hand thing is annoying

  • lol

    She doesn’t sing, she doesn’t dance, she just stands there and sort of moves her arms looking cute in a sexy outfit. If someone has to lip-synch it should be ONLY because the dance routine is too rigorous to be able to sing to. There’s no excuse for this girl. She’s talentless

  • prims

    First of all she’s being given crap for cursing because she’s playing the “innocent” role as a popstar. And lip syncing, at least when those people lip sync they can still entertain. And they actually do hard dances, unlike her with her hand waves and shit.

  • lorde

    What do you mean, “walking around the stage waving her hands” isn’t dancing? It is – 2014 style. Lol. Just kidding. (… of hers? It made my ballet-trained body cringe. She most definetely CAN’T dance. Or sing.
    wonder what her excuse for this one? technical issues too lol

  • fds

    You are such a delusional fan. This is the first time the Media gave her ”crap” and this is not even crap, since she did it by herself! The Media and GP all stood at her side when she shit talked about her ex Justin Bieber, when she shaded him everywhere she went to gain some headlines, where the Media KNEW she was wrong, but still supported her and GP all went along. As for Bieber, he does one thing, it gets twisted. The media makes up one thing, the whole world believes it. And you want to tell me people give her a hard time? If you listen quietely you can hear Bieber laughing at your sorry ass comment!

  • minymax

    from the girl that just recently came out selena is the least talented and the biggest joke of Disney. Miley can perform and dance and sing and play instrument and she don’t lip sycn, demi don’t lyp sync either but she not the best performer out of the three girls miley seem to have the entired package she not afraid to do anything on stage to perform and to give a good show. I feel like Disney try to make another miley who could do all she could do and bring number and sales but both girl demi and selena felt short they could not achieve what miley did, selena cant sing or perform or dance, demi can sing but she don’t do much dancing and is lazy on stage she can do dances but chooses not to or even put a good show even for slow songs she can put the stage very nice like taylor but she choose to, it seemed to me that people might critized miley but the girl works her ass off even in the tiniest detail from her microphone to her shoes she makes sure is like she likes it done, selena and demi are just lazy compare to miley.

    • Anna

      The fact that you just said Miley is better than demi is shocking. Vocals are what you need to be a good singer, not dancing and stupid crap. All miley can do dancing wise is twerk and she hasn’t played an instrument on stage in years, plus I am not sure she has continued writing her own music. Demi on the other hand has a great vocal, which is much more than I can say for Miley. Please don’t even act like Miley, who may sing live but she is awful, is better than demi. Demi slays miley in many ways, and she isn’t lazy because she can dance quite well. Last time I checked she was in a musical! Miley is talentless, sorry but it is true. Selena isn’t good at the music thing, but she can at least act.
      Miley just makes me ashamed of my generation! Such an attention whore!

      • prims

        lol no miley has the entired package I guess you miss the other stuff,miley has dance before and she has been able to dance plus she was a cheerleader miley can see I will love for demi to do the climb or selena lol that will be funny, I did complement demi on singing what are you blind, but I also say demi is boring on stage and lazy she don’t do much but stan there, miley can dance and she can write and we all know she plays instruments with her family all the time and she written a lot of her songs and produced some of them,. let me explained to you I know you are clueless or don’t know how to read, miley is better overall compare to selena and demi, miley was able to make every single things go to number #1 from her songs, to her movie, to her show, to her concert, to her singles, to her dance contest!!! Now TELL ME WHICH OF THE TWO FUCKING GIRLS HAVE DONE THAT OR FOR THAT MATTER ANYOF THE DISNEY GIRL?JUST NAME ONE! GO HEAD WAITING???

      • :)

        Miley has great vocal range. Take the cotton out of your ears. Have you not seen her ‘backyard sessions’ or acoustic performance on snl oh yeah and lets not forget her performance at the AMA’s and EMA’s

  • Cici

    Whhhyyy does everyone care so much about this? Selena has been doing the same thing for years & she will continue until her contract is up. It is all about the money & those fun catchy songs.

  • Cici

    Get it gurrlll. Proving she can hold a tune.

    • lorde

      so you think selena basically talking on this song is actually singing lol at the little knowledge you know about vocals, she basically talking and funny how she resorted back to easy songs to try to sing lol and she exaggerates a little too much for the lack of vocals.

      • Cici

        The fact you made your name Lorde kills me. lol…no. Im saying she can sing what she puts out. She isnt trying to sell the ultimate pop star image, or being this amazing vocalist. She isn’t proclaiming her idol is Mariah Carey or anything of that nature. She is doing her own thing & she can do it live. Get the fuck over her being a HUMAN already. No matter what you say, she is still going to be out there & getting more successful as she gets older.
        You don’t know my knowledge on vocals, dear. Good try though.

        • lol

          lol well the real actual Lorde dissed her..

  • Idk

    She’s quite dramatic when she sings she likes screams into the microphone like it’s some Lincoln park shit lmao
    And she’s not even singing how awkward

  • BrokenArrow18

    Having the full backtrack its the same shit as lip syincing. The track is loud you cant hear sing at all and sometimes she doesnt even sing.

  • BrokenArrow18

    Her vocals are just weak, her songs are not even THAT hard, any average singer can sing them, I understand when she lipsyincs because she does it to put a enterteining perfomance with the dancing and all or when t hey only had like parts of the songs played in the back bc dancing or wathever but she just does nothing but bend down and move a little here lol

  • uhno

    These people are obviously covering for her, I’m not buying it…

    I’m not pissed but I’m annoyed how this all seems like a total lie when theres video where her mic is away from her mouth and the music is playing ‘i love you much to’ Oh it’s the ‘backtrack’? k why not she just sing without it… Oh

  • yeah

    I think it would’ve been better if she had just did a little Texan hoedown like Ashlee Simpson did in SNL ’04 and I would’ve like it