Selena Vs. Miley Bob Haircut Faceoff Poll

miley-selena-bob-haircut-faceoff-pollMiley is ALWAYS copying Selena.. :\

Gorgeous new pix of Selena with a Wizard Of Oz blanket at airport HERE!

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  • cerenagee

    I think the Bob looks better on Selena. But miley more natural makeup looks better in comparison to Selena’s stage make up.

    • :)

      I like Miley’s outfit.

  • h hb

    MILEY IS WINNIGN! Because ocean up hates The queen so much and are out to get here, i bet they will rig the results .

    • rez

      why you make that comment? this website shows a story about miley 24/7. its the best pr for her.

      • :)

        ‘It’s the best pr for her,’ are you serious!?!? This site means absolutely nothing to her. There is no pr whatsoever on here for anybody.

  • Ffghjbh

    No Selena is copying Miley like always

    • cerenagee

      Selena started wearing the bob before miley did. Neither copied. Miley wears different wigs all the time. Celebs in general do. Stfu

      • micheal

        no, did you forget Hannah montana short hair tour the last episodes, selena even wored a blond wig copying miley, selena is the one copying miley, and miley is the one with the short hair right now she growing it out that not a wig is her hair, and why is selena wearing a wig when she has long hair?? she so weird not to mention why she dressed like she wearing a vampire Halloween custome she has her holidays miss up, is Christmas selena not Halloween. it will had look better without the black lipstick what did her image consultant wasn’t there or her makeup artist?

        • cerenagee

          I can’t even with you and your crap English. You made no sense. Miley hair is short buttt no homeboy that’s not her real hair. Yes the end of Hannah Montana here hair was shorter but it was not a bob so hop off. Why was miley dressed like a fucking hoe getting her ass slapped by santa during her performance?

          • lorde

            miley likes to get her ass slap what wrong with that? is a preference, why selena like to shoved her ass on her dancer dick or Justin dick for that matter?
            love the way selena fans critized every aspect of miley dancing on someone yet selena does it and they look the other way jajajjaja double face just like selena!

          • cerenagee

            selena doesnt do that so I have literally no fucking idea what you’re talking about. And yes i’m a selena fan but im also a fan of miley’s music sooooo sit the fuck down if you’re going to literrrally spew a bunch of bullshit.

          • arrantxa

            actually she did it’s on her youtube channel and she also kissed a girl too, you can find the fact here

  • Anon

    Where is the “They both look fucking terrible” button when you need it.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    Where is the neither option @OCEANUP? this is blasphemy. Thanks but I’ll take neither.

  • HarryCurls

    Dora the explorer vs Miley Cyrus

    • demo

      Dora the explorer vs Hannah montana and miley wins she looks the best.

  • thesestrangelittlethings

    I voted for Selena all-around, but with those two pictures, Miley reluctantly wins.

  • Aria

    I feel like oceanup is run by opinionated 12 year olds that are obsessed with Selena Gomez.

    • :)


  • Sara

    copy cat bitch selena! everything miley does or wear selena just copies her unoriginal much?!

  • xxlola

    miley always copying selena? ha, selena always trying to be miley. and im not even a miley fan stfu.

  • cimbom.

    the bob looks TERRIBLE on selena! she already has got fat cheeks and now they look way more fat than before with the cut she got. ewwwwwwww

  • demo

    I don’t get it why will selena wear her hair like that? the person growing it out is miley not selena did she see miley and decided to wear it like that? miley must be annoyed with this girl always going after her boyfriends, her friends, her clothes, her hairstyle, her fans, her producer and song writers Honestly If I was miley I will be a little scare of selena obsession over miley. I mean honestly look at the way selena is dressed that how miley has dressed.

  • Vic

    Oceanup, you do know that Selena is the one, who’s copying Miley, all the time… ? :P

    • :)

      Ignore them. They’re just as immature as some of the people on here.

      • Vic

        You’re absolutely right :)

  • arrantxa

    miley always copying selena? are you fucking kidding me? she is the one who copying her, you can google it!