Bieber, ‘I Want To Be A Young Mogul’

justin-bieber-full-mustache‘Confident’ is Justin Bieber’s new single. Bieby told Ryan Seacrest about his new film: ‘Believe is about how you get back up when you fall down. What’s going on behind-the-scenes. I’m becoming a man, but I’m still 19.

When I have the media attacking me every day. It’s no less bullying than what happens in schools. These people calling me names when they don’t know what’s true or not. This movie really shows who I am as a person.

Of course, I make mistakes growing up, as everybody does. I’m not perfect. I’m not a robot. People forget I’m a human being. I have to make mistakes and grow from it. And that’s what I plan to do.

I want to become a young mogul. I want people to respect me, not only for the music, but for making the right decisions. And sometimes you have to make some wrong ones first.’

Do YOU think that Bieby will survive long enough to be the next Miley Cyrus?

  • idiot
    • Scar

      So I could write now the same about anyone and you would believe me? Stupid people and naive. This isn’t any more bullshit then the Selena exposed shit.

  • Cici

    Be the next Miley Cyrus? What a joke. Right now they are both on the same immature, ratchet level. The real question should be who is going to stay in this industry longer or which one will be in rehab first? Or which one will come out in about 8 years with a book talking about their issues being so popular, and how hard it was to just say no. Which one will regret their decisions first? Their sob story on trying to prove themselves & getting lost in drugs…lmao. i could go on forever!

  • BangBang

    “People forget I’m a human being” No Bieber we’re all well aware that you’re just a human being. You have to blame yourself for thinking you’re some kind of god who’s allowed to do anything and get away with it too. SMH.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    I think Bieber forgot to wash his face before he took that picture. He has a bit of dirt on his upper lip…

  • Guest

    Justin Bieber has been a corporation on to himself for the past 4 years since he became famous. Why is it so hard for people to understand that? He also has been featured in Forbes magazine for his high tech investments in several social media platforms. He may have been referring to being a business mogul, or a music mogul. The cyber bullying and the media bullying towards Justin Bieber has even eclipsed that of what happened to Michael Jackson. Granted it is a different world now, and different circumstances. But you cannot deny that social media has now changed forever how people are treated.

    Anyways,well done biebs. As always u say the truth. People DONT know you. These be grown ass adults calling teen celebs like you names and crap. Yet if someone did that to them or their child they would be pissed. It’s all about perception. Some people just wanna hate you or on you for the simple act of doing show. Which shows how cruel the world is now a days. Other teen celebs get far more slack than u do. Just gotta keep doing you and not worry about what irrelevants think.