Brandi Cyrus, ‘Miley Is 100% Authentic’

brandi-cyrus-nationalist-magazine-coverBrandi Cyrus told NATIONALIST magazine about Miley: ‘She is SO true to herself and 100 percent authentic. Which is a rare trait to find in people in general, but especially in the entertainment industry where everyone is held to such unrealistic standards and trying to make an impression and be perceived a certain way. I think that Miley is getting a chance to be who she really is, after years of having to be a fictional character on TV.

I also know from experience that your 20s are full of things that shape who you are and it takes a while to figure it all out. I’m 26 and I’m still learning who I am and who I want to be. Miley is in the very beginning of that journey. I’ve had my fair share of relationships, including some long-distance ones. The heart department is messy, therefore I tread lightly.’

  • :)

    Preach it sista!

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Soooo her family is saying this is who Miley is – ratchet to the core but the people she is working with are saying this is just a strategic act? Ok, I guess everyone is just as confused as Miley.

  • cerenagee

    I hink that Brandi look gorgeous here. But that could totally be because she isn’t face on. In general I don’t think she’s even slightly attractive, but in this picture she’s gorgeous.

    Miley is not authentic. She copies a little bit from everyone. #ratchetroyaltyforever

  • Cici

    Miley being authentic is a joke. Everything she is doing has been done before. Her style isnt even real because a year ago she was still dressing like a hipster & claiming a gluten allergy. Lol is this the excuse for running around & flaunting her vag? & Why is Brandi on a magazine? Am I missing something?

    • :)

      Yeah, you’re missing your brain cells.

      • Cici

        Lol….good one.

  • hawk-girl

    what the fuck has she been smoking?

  • threelittlebirds

    I still think she is pretty. It’s the hair color, it makes her look too old and washed out.

  • Courtney

    Of course she’s going to say that. She’s her sister. She isn’t going to say bad things about Miley is she. -_-

  • BrokenArrow18