Watch a video of Selena Gomez CRYING over a fan!



    i can’t stop crying

  • Alii

    Aww. She’s always so sweet.

  • creyin

    Damn im getting teary eyed. I dont like her but its hard to not like this.

  • Cici

    & that is why she will stay around for a long long long longggggg time. Such a sweet & humble person. The next Jennifer Aniston, I believe so. Love her!

  • anon

    She should stop read her instagram comments. It looks like she is emotionally unstable. She is a whirlwind of emotions: lose control for tech problems, have a meltdown for a fan video. But this one was cute.

  • Kell

    She looks like a complete different person when she cries omg

  • aww

    Haha, she’s def cute. I think she’s actually very insecure… Like when people call her names and hate on her I think it affects her more than other celebrities out there, that just don’t give a fuck and honestly I think she gives more than one fuck. That’s why she gets so emotional and so happy when she finds out someone is supporting her and loves her, cause it seems like she doesn’t believe in herself. Well… Me trying to be a therapist lol. That was sweet.

    • cerenagee

      No I totally agree. I feel like it means a lot to her that she has people that lobve her as much as that girl

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      She has admitted to having low self-esteem. Such a beautiful girl to the core. She’s been holding it together for so long and swallowing the hate publicly and probably privately as well, I expect a slight melt down will happen. She’s human it’s inevitable.

  • me


  • cerenagee

    omg. I literally just teared up at this. This was the sweetest thing I’ve ever watched. I love how much she loves her fans. That had to mean so much to her when she’s getting so much hate on a daily basis from everyone. I love Selena.

  • Hanna Ourimi

    So freaking sweet , cried watching this … God bless her heart <3

  • rach

    aww precious, regardless what is said about her, I don’t care what anybody says, she’s the absolute sweetest to her fans!!!

  • Me

    I don’t like her but this is so cute! Agreed with some comments she’s emotionally unstable but this is so cute, I teared up.

  • true

    i get the feeling that something is really going on with selena like behind the scenes she is really emotional right now. that video was so sweet and you can really tell how genuine she is about her fans and them keeping her going despite all the hate she gets constantly and daily. I hope she is okay and will start to give no fucks about the haters. even if you’re not a fan you gotta admit that this was quite touching.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Omg!! I didn’t mean to tear up so much. She was so excited to see the video it made me smile. She really loves her fans. Beautiful video.

  • FlawlesslikeSG

    why doesn’t the posts like this get a lot of attention/comments, but the ones where she has a bad day does? Selena is only human. She has feelings too. She’s not perfect. Its sick how people like to pick her apart and harass her. This video was so genuine & touching!!! I of course teared up.
    Selena, your fans love you for YOU & only you.

  • Penultimate

    This is the reason y I love her. She’s down to earth and honestly care about her fans. She might be facing a lot of problems but yet she manages to do things right as far as possible.!

  • anonymous

    fake. ‘the interviews are about [insert pointless crap here]’. they are paying you to talk. so if you want the money and to date a bitch like beebee then that’s the life you create for yourself. don’t waste people’s time

  • Scar

    Oh the people on this site, but when Justin cry’s or Miley or anyone else it’s for publicity and they’re idiots with no feelings and stupid and brats and shit right? Couple of tears real or not and everyone’s licking her ass immediately ? I guess tears work everywhere now.

  • boystan

    she’s the cutest

  • boystan

    this made me love her

  • Clinton M Lewis

    Selena Gomez please don’t cry over a fan I am your special fan I let u over me so I can join with u to cry but I still always love u