Former Disney Stars Shading Miley

chris-warren-jrMiley Cyrus is continuing to disgust men and women of all types including former Disney stars (David Henrie, Tiffany Thornton, etc) and now High School Music star Chris Warren Jr. has joined the group of repulsed individuals: ‘Girls who are half naked at award shows or in videos ain’t cute’.

Do YOU think Miley cares that so many people are disgusted by her?


  • threelittlebirds

    Mileys not the only female singer who dresses half naked on stage. Doesn’t anybody remember that gaga wore a thong and bra on stage?

    • :)

      Of course they don’t.

    • -

      that doesnt make it okay to do….it needs to stop by ALL women

    • anonymous

      what happens is a few older people (‘adults’) do it and people ignore it. then younger people imitate it and people notice that what was a few adults’ bad decision is now a trend

      • fghjk

        sorry but young people are adults too like young adults

      • ty

        adults you mean 21 and over right?

        • anonymous

          older people do it then younger people do it. the specifics aren’t important

        • ashleyofcourse

          we may be in our 20s but were still children really…

  • Stacey

    Geez that award show was ALONG time ago,GET THE F*CK OVER IT!!!! i hate these celebs who make these stupid comments.I bet they would be too coward to say it to her face,so they feel the need to use social media to voice their opinion on what she does in her life and in her decisions,like they have a say.And if Miley even cares.Pathetic attention seekers that need to mind their damn business.It was HER video too

    • amy

      People who think that anytime anyone makes a comment about half naked women they are talking about Miley are just annoying. He didn’t say her name. He could be referring to someone else or to female artists in general. Stop being a conceited Miley fan who thinks literally everything is about her.

    • anonymous

      yeah cos they should book an appointment to see her like that other woman

  • anon

    She doesn’t care. She wanted shock people and they reacting to her and they did. She is probably trilled it worked.

    • anonymous

      i guess she’s probably not thrilled

  • cerenagee

    She doesn’t give a fuck especially if the criticism is coming from a former Disney star. She’s too high off of not only drugs but high off the attention she is getting from the industry. She thrives off of all of the media attention even if its negative because in her mind they’re still talking about her and that’s a food thing….to her.

    • -

      this as long as attention is oh her she doesnt care what or who is saying anything. It’s disgusting and its sad that she has let the fame get to her.

    • stfu cerenagee

      you’re the biggest cunt ever. and annoying at that too

      • cerenagee

        hahaha thankkk you omg means so much <3

      • LikeICare

        cerenagee is queen bitch

    • yep

      She reminds me of Madonna in that way. And no that’s definitely not a compliment, I find Madonna really pathetic as a person. She’s completely dependant on the amount of attention she gets and that’s all that matters to her. She doesn’t care that everyone’s making fun of her and telling her to cover up, as long as they’re talking! I honestly have more respect for some has been celebs because they’ve experienced the loss of attention and they realize popularity isn’t everything and it doesn’t last forever. Celebs like Miley on the other hand have no idea what real life is about. They’re dependant on really material things that can easily be lost and don’t even matter and it’s sad to watch. To me it’s a very empty life with no purpose other than self-fulfillment.

      • cerenagee


  • :)

    Miley don’t give a flying rats ass what these ex-disney stars have to say. By the way, what are they doing now?

    • anonymous

      i don’t know, not being drug addicts and some form of sex slaves?

      • :)

        You know that for sure?

  • WatchOut

    most people in pop culture do not know the word classy.

    Gaga, Rihanna, kathy, Miley, …. the list is endless, all of them feel the need to show everything the have to the world.

    Gaga is 99% of her performances naked and people call it art because she is gaga, but come on, she is not that good and her new album is medicore.

    He does not shade Miley he shades a all of them.

    • WatchOut


    • anonymous


  • Miley girl

    Chris who ?

    • anonymous

      ‘if you’re not famous you can’t say anything!’

  • kdelly

    and when was the last time he did something of significance?

    • ayy lmao

      Crème brûlée

      • kdelly

        hahahahahha BEST reply

  • smb

    Who are these people. Sorry I don’t recognize their names. Maybe it’s because they are no longer relevant. The only reason they said anything was because they want their 15 minutes of fame to return so they latch on to Miley just like virtually every other Disney star has done. She doesn’t mind though, because she is a strong woman and can carry the extra load, good or bad.

    • anonymous

      nice story you have there

  • laura

    you know what you are all forgetting? that women dance around naked in video clips all the time, that rappers will call women bitches and talking about how they want to tear their ass in two.
    Instead of focusing on Miley, they should start talking about that. Because maybe that is what Miley is showing us with all those crazy ass things she is doing. Or maybe she is not, but at least people are paying attention to it. Just in the completely wrong way.

    • WatchOut

      Who said it’s ok what they do?
      Right no one.

      why are we paying attention in the wrong way. It’s hard so look at at video and not seeing her naked when she is naked.

      • laura

        If everybody had such a problem with it, don’t you think they would talk about that instead of miley twerking or her being naked on a fucking wrecking ball?
        But no, everyone seems to find it normal that women get used like that by men. Because a man calling a woman a bitch is completely normal and tearing her ass in two is definitely something all women love –‘
        So what I am saying is, that everybody should stop whining about miley and should do something about how women are pictured in movies, music videos and songs by men. But you clearly didn’t get that.

        • WatchOut

          If someone calls me a bitch, I would go after him.

          A lot of people complain about the naked women in videos and lyrics and I do not support things like this at all.

          And you can do it in a more artistic way than liking a freeking hammer. That’s just disgusting.

        • anonymous

          guys like ‘drake’ and ‘usher’ that basically say those things are already called out by most men, but women keep paying for and supporting them

    • ashleyofcourse

      but theyre not paying attention to miley only. most of these people tweeting dont single her out. theyre addressing every one. the reason why were getting it now while miley is currently doing it is because we have officially seen its effects. katy gaga riri were adults which doesnt make it right but its hard to talk shit to them cause theyre grown. then miley young milesz comes, and idc that shes 21…..or 20 at the time, she still has some maturing to do (as all young adults do). so seeing a youngster like her come out and do the same thats why people are saying this now. its not so much: miley stop. its more of: this behaviour needs to stop, see whats its doing to our children.

      • yo

        I think what makes people talk more about Miley than Gaga is the fact that she was a Disney star and she was VERY different from what she’s become. That’s the big shocking thing. Different it would be if she started in the industry at this age (20) already with this style, music, performances. People would be like: oh, one more crazy girl that likes to be naked… Well, let’s move on.

        • ashleyofcourse

          well yeah of course lol that too. i think its a mixture of both. cause no one is saying, well mileys wrong but its okay if gaga and riri do it.

  • RegReach

    They mad becasue they didnt make half as much paper when they were at disney and they aint makin any now

    • :)

      Yes!!! You don’t hear Zac, Ashley, Vanessa or the Sprouse brothers saying anything, do you???

      • ashleyofcourse

        ouch. the sprouse twins have spoken though….
        and the others cant either cause they dont care or cause they know its not a good PR move for them to do so.

  • Emmy

    When Miley was in Disney, she was the biggest star (with all her clothes on) and when she left, she still became the biggest star, overall.

    To me class has always been how you treat other people. Miley can run around naked for all I care, but as long as she has a kind heart. I’ve heard that Gaga and Rihanna are not nice people.

    • :)


  • ariana grande

    Omg why do these people care????
    If she’s happy being half naked that’s her business. And it’s not mileys mission to turn these men on, and like they don’t sit there and fap off to porn jfc

  • ashleyofcourse

    has anyone noticed that the comments on most posts are now at least 40 xD YES FOR OU REGAINING ITS FORMER STATUS YAAAASSSSS

  • ashleyofcourse

    “Miley don’t give a flying rats ass what these ex-disney stars have to say. By the way, what are they doing now?”

    UMMMMM you guys saying that last part: where are they now? youre missing the whole point. the people who do scandalous things, ie miley being naked alot, get all the attention from the media. negative usually. does this mean that every other type of artists whose life is unknown to the rest of the world isnt working? lmfao nope. these people are still raking in that mula minus the drama. thats how it should be. they want that. thats why they chose that life. cause they can do the fame way. its easy. pick a scandal of your choice then milk it like none other. but they choose art and dignity over materials and fame. so the whole “what are they doing now?” is a compliment loves, not an insult. they didnt become artists to have everyone following them in the streets and demanding pictures and trying to find out their life. yes contrary to popular belief, some people join the industry cause they actually enjoy their craft and want to focus on that. and have a normal life. and God bless them for it…..cause if being in the tabloids were required to be an actress, i sure as hell wouldnt be here…..

  • jess

    At least Miley never snorted coke every half hour on the hour, and smuggle illegal drugs on planes like Demi!! But now Demi is better so all is forgotten. Miley > Demi ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!!!

    • LikeICare

      i’d rather miley does that bc we’ve never seen the ugliness that demi did so idc i just dont wanna see crazy ass bitches they can be crazy but not publicly

  • sherrie


  • Penultimate

    I think it does bother Miley thats some people are disgusted. I also think she’s trying too hard to cover that up! She’s probably trying way too hard to convince herself that she’s doing the right thing. I would still call it experimental, it’s nothing which Miley would do years from now, if she wants to stay relevant! She has an amazing singing talent and she should able to execute it properly.

  • Asdghjkl