Joe Jonas Christmas Sweater Cutie

joe-jonas-christmas-sweater-picturejoe-jonas-holiday-party-22Joe Jonas cute with mustache and Santa sweater. Credit: @steventaylor.

UPDATE: It was at party at Joe’s house and Blender IS there. Video under!

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  • Lucy García

    Joe Selleck!

  • ty

    wow joe jonas is so handsome

  • Angelique

    I don’t even know why Chaplin surfaced my mind when I saw this picture!

  • cerenagee

    Love the sweater. Joe needs to fucking nix the Borat mustache!

    • GentileJewel

      OH! Shut Up!

      • cerenagee

        Omg fuck off

  • anon

    So fucking what Joe and Blanda are pathetic

  • JJ456

    So adorable!

  • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

    he looks so fucking hot with that moustache

    • GentileJewel


  • GentileJewel

    He has a House? Are you sure?

  • Cici

    Joe is so sexy. I can’t deal.

  • Me

    Of course Blanda was there. According to everyone who was there, it was both her and Joe that threw the party at their new home.