Miley Feature @ Will.I.Am Germany Show

From Martina Schmitz: Saturday I was at the concert in Oberhauser, Germany at the König Pilsner show! Crowd went crazy when he mixed ‘Fall Down’ and at the end of the show, before Scream & Shout. They played the whole vid to ‘Feelin Myself ‘ Miley rockin the big screen.

  • hmmm

    Why do you guys bitch about Selena being in the music industry when this guy is so much worse? At least Selena is trying and she gets frustrated when she fails. literally can’t do ANYTHING. It’s not even a lack of talent, he’s just lazy and doesn’t even try. I’ve seen him live with the Black Eyed Peas and alone at some other concert and he sucks! He can not sing, he can not dance and all he does is take other people’s songs and play them on a computer. He doesn’t even care what people say, he doesn’t care about music. Like…really??? And he gets paid way more than Selena. And he’s not the only one. So I don’t think people should complain about Selena so much when there are sooooo much worse “artists” getting paid more.

    • Cici

      He’s really talented business wise. He kills it behind the scenes..I agree, maybe he should just stay there.

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      He is very talented, I don’t know where you get this notion he is lazy on stage and doesn’t care about music. He’s been doing this since the 90’s,18 years or so in this industry. If he wants to lay on the stage and perform like that the entire time he can, he has earned it.