Miley ‘Jingle Balled Sh*t Out Of Tonight’

miley-cyrus-frees-her-nipples (1)miley-cyrus-frees-her-nipples (2)#FREETHENIPPLE! Do YOU think women should be allowed to go topless?

Picture of Pop Queen performing at Minneapolis Jingle Ball!

  • cerenagee

    Ugh barfff. Seriously miley. Your bag eating the ugly ass leotard is not and never was an attractive look for you. Someone get you a fucking stylist.

    • team miley

      shut up you fucking hater

      • cerenagee

        You’re literally an idiot. Its Christmas and its a Christmas concert and she’s drinking on stage and looks like a whore. I hope your daughter ends up just like her.

        • :)

          The question is, is she really drinking?

          Of course nobody said anything when Ke$ha did it at the IHeartRadio Music Festival in Vegas. And they showed it on prime time tv.

          • cerenagee

            i honestly wouldn’t put it past her.

            and I didn’t see that but ke$ha is attrocious to begin with and the iHeartRadio festival is way diff than a Christmas event.

    • ufhiuerhfei

      your the barf bitch!

      • cerenagee




  • cerenagee

    Wait wtf…is she drinking on stage or….?

  • Alii

    Way to go, Miley. I can’t wait until she shoots up heroin on stage and promotes that too! #1 rolemodel and human being.

  • Cici

    & people encouraged this. No self respect, zero dignity, ugly, lost soul, trainwreck of a wardrobe, & just a ratchet mess. I mean seriously there is NOTHING beautiful about her anymore. SO fucking sad. I do believe she is surrounded by those yes men in her life right now…just wait till you aren’t the biggest thing anymore & all of your “homies” are going to be on to the next thing. I love how she’s on stage at a family oriented event trying to look badass ( fail) & then the next picture is her and & a bunch of little kids. Trying not to be a role model is stupid, because you fucking are. & That is a responsibility that comes with being in your position. SHE IS A FUCKING DUMBASS. Its getting ridiculous & I cant tolerate it anymore. Or even try to say something nice about this bitch. So tired of her. & to anyone thats going to say ignorant shit like “dont comment or pay attention if you dont like her…blahdeefuckingblah” Kindly, fuck off. I can say whatever the hell I want. BYE.

  • Misha Collins

    I can’t believe that she chooses to look like this. I honestly think she was more respected when she was with Disney than she is now. This is not how a mature woman looks, she looks like a little boygirl who desperately needs attention. So sad.

    • WatchOut


    • Cici

      Her parents are the biggest failures. Almost to the Lohan level.

      • Misha Collins

        I know right. Her mom just acts like she’s her friend instead of her MOTHER, I bet her mom is afraid if she ever denies Miley anything Miley will stop paying her bills. I feel like her parents just live off her money and thats why they just let her do whatever.

        • Cici

          Exactly that. No wonder Miley has gone a little delusional…A bad breakup & no parental guidance..sounds like beiber, too. :/ Except I believe his mom has tried everything in her power, Justin is just defiant as fuck atm. But then again, he pays her bills…the lesson of this story is do not put your kids in the business! As we see from Demi, Justin, Miley, Lindsay, Britney, etc…It is the worse thing you can do for them.

          • Misha Collins

            I know right, do people not have common sense? Like whenever I get my paycheck I honestly like spend all of it within weeks, and I but so many stupid shit. Imagine if you had millions to spend. I would go crazy too lol.

          • Cici

            Yes, exactly!

  • Rosemary

    She really really needs help.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    This is sad.She’s trying so hard to be badass but she just looks like a 2cent whore.. How can anyone still defend her and her actions? She is truly going to regret this in 2-5 years. I really hope she grows up soon and gets rid of all the “yes men” in her life.

  • boystan

    i like adore you but it’s not single material

    • Cici

      maybe if they did a radio version or something.

      • :)

        It’s been playing on some radio stations. I heard it’s suppose to be released to all radio on Jan. 6th. Then I read Dec. 17th. So who knows when.