Selena Posts Demi Photo & Inspiring Man

selena-demi-2selena-menselenagomez Man, vine has become more and more about inspiring. SO thankful for people like this. ESPECIALLY men. ❤ Demi @ replied Selena: I looooooooooovvvvvveeee you. NOTE: Candids of Selena arriving in Chicago HERE! Miley has always been jealous of Semi!


  • xoxo
    • rach

      Part me makes me sad that Selena reads her comments/hate, but I’m also glad Selena’s letting people know that not every thing she does revolves around Justin and she’s moved on.

      • Guest

        Nobody’s forcing her to read, if she didn’t post things that assume into Bieber no one would mention him. No one assumes Selena in any Bieber’s posts for a year now, why? Because he simply doesn’t post anything that could relate to her. It’s her own choice.

        • anon

          It sounds more as she is having difficulties in finding a new bf to me. Nothing about that quote screams “Justin!”.

    • true

      Selena is so done with all these bitch ass haters. And is finally speaking her mind. I think it has really got to her unfortunately and it seems like she really is going through somehting i hope she’s okay.

  • Duckyhoward15

    Aww yay :D

  • anon


  • oops

    selena we know you dont need a man, you have charity ;)

    • javi g

      i always have bad vibes when i see that girl charity. if she’s a lesbian i will respect that but that girl gives me bad vibes. like she has an evil face.

  • cute

    Why would Miley be jealous of Semi? I don’t think she was so clooose to Demi anyways, so I see no reason. By the way, I’ve always wondered why Selena and Demi stopped seeing each other. They said it was because of distance, because they got busy with other things but honestly, a friendship of years since childhood doesn’t end just because of distance. I know it because my best friend lives in another state, very far from here. We only see each other once a year when she comes here to spend the vacation, but we speak through skype and our friendship since childhood has remained strong as always <3. I think when Demi started with drugs and parties they stopped talking. I think only now she's valorizing Selena's friendship, which is good :)

    • taty

      sselena drinks and does drugs too, she just better at handling it because her image of Disney is keeping a close eye on her image they don’t want what happen to miley and she still under Disney, but demi outed selena and she was also with joe miley and her and selena, so selena is not angel, for all we know she the one who got Justin hooked on drugs hey we all knew he didn’t do any of it before her and after her he is drinking and a doing drugs,demi do the same all her friend turn into drugs coincidence? I don’t think so.

      • wtv

        There are tons of reports of Justin doing weed while in Canada even before being famous. Remember his parents were drugs addicts too. Stop put the blame of everything on Selena

  • cerenagee

    I’m so happy semi is back. Semi foreverrrr

  • anonymous

    she picks a guy who looks from his vine videos like he’s got children already from a teen relationship and says canned messages like the one above as inspirational??

  • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

    SEMI? since when is this friendship called “SEMI”? it’s always been DELENA, come on people

  • A Cat

    It’s so cute how they’re still friends after everything that’s happened the last couple of years :)