Austin Mahone Banga Banga Music Video

  • mel

    cute, but kinda boring compared to what about love

  • Tash

    Don’t really like the track much. The music is just too much and all over the place. It just wasnt composed well. But the video us great. Not the concept because it’s basic. But what he did was great. Hit the nail on the head. Every little shot and moment was just precise and he did all the right things with it. So surprised. HJ’s grown so much. Wow. On a pro level now. And I like his combo between sincere and charming or cocky. He doesn’t over do it with the ‘swag’ or whatever the guys think is cool. He covers all the levels. Cos some other guys barely move and grope girls and just act like they think theyre so awesome but look foolish because they’re not doing anything. He full out goes for a move and follows through with each thing. Like a real performer. Not just ‘look at me, im so hot and awesome’, when they’re doing Jack shit or acts overly dramatic. cos they wanna look sleek and show off, but they. get lost in themselve or just puts in one or two nice moments then a bunch of boring fillers. He has just the right formula.

    • BrokenArrow18

      MTE. II like that he tried something different from his previous singles but I feel like they put to many things together and it’s kinda messy. I was expecting more tracks like wal I think it suits him better or Til I find you idk if you heard it but imo it’s better. I still like the song tho.

  • BrokenArrow18

    I love it! He’s so cute I love the dance moves, this boy can really dance. And I love how fun it is! What about love is still my fave tho.