Blanda & Joe Jonas Family Christmas

joe-and-blanda-family-photodanivitale: Family couch photo. @blahblahblanda & @joejonas

Threw the best Xmas party. WTF are they getting married?!

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  • anon

    ew janda

    • anon

      RIGHT? They are yuck lol

  • JJ456

    They are so cute. Joe is getting so skinny.

    • KK

      No joe jonas is not gettng skinny he is always in health because he likes that

  • just because they r doing a photo together doesn’t mean they’re getting married, they’re just a couple wishing a merry xmas to their fans!, I read Joe really cares about blanda, but I doubt they’ll marry soon!, he’s only 24 years old!

    • GentileJewel

      Excuse! Me! It is Christmas! The Holiday I mean!

    • Ffghjbh

      Sorry but joe jonas is a adult and he can married and 24 well some people they married even younger

  • Ee

    wow joe jonas with friends and girlfriend blanda amzing

    • fghjk

      haha joe jonas was organaise that party with his friends and with his girlfriend blanda

  • JJ456

    Joe & his mustache are no more….

    • fghjk

      haha i knew it that he gonna shave it

  • ty

    yeah joe jonas is not with the mustache anymore he shave it

  • shanghai

    So what if they do get married. Both are old enough and been dating a while now so could happen anytime. Still don’t like her but like many Jonas fans its hard to think of any girl being good enough but they do seem happy together.

    • Cassandra

      Joe has said countless times that he is not ready to get married.It’s only Jlanda obsessed fans and websites that suggest it,but I honestly doubt it’s going to happen now.What confuses me is that Blanda is what 28/29yrs old.Isn’t she going to want to get married and have children soon.I mean she is nearly 30yrs old.I wonder how long she can wait

  • JJ456

    This is interesting…

  • jonas fan

    So who arranged the party,because everyone kept thanking Joe and Blanda,but then one or two people just said Joe? lol.So I guess Joe and Blanda live together in LA now.I don’t like her st all,but whatever Joe knows what he is doing,it’s none of my business

  • Katy

    I really hate her,and how Joe acts when he’s around her.Sorry but they’ve dated over a 1yr,but in the last couple months,he barely smiles around her.Plus they don’t act like a couple.I don’t see the love in their eyes,or the holding each other or cuddling in any pictures.I mean why aren’t they sitting next to each other and being all lovey like they used to? remember all the kissing pictures? Joe needs to find someone who doesn’t use him.His friends and famy are of course going to be nice to her and treat her like apart of the family.They care about Joe and his happiness.But do they really know her.Some like John Lloyd Taylor, Kyle and Joe’s uncle and aunt and Dani and Cavanaugh are the worst ass kissers and suck ups.They always go on about her at events and parties.It’s PATHETIC instead of supporting Joe smdmfh

  • anonymous

    What is up with her face?? LOL

    • Annie

      Looks like she is constipated hahahaha

  • anonymous

    Oh Joe looks SO happy.. what is with him in that pic,he looks miserable.Also when he was next to his Christmas tree with that Jared guy,he looked unhappy too!?

  • Chloe Hall

    No their not getting marry, their just boyfriend and girlfriend!