Demi ‘Forced To Rehab Or Back To Texas’

In the second part of the interview which aired today on Access Hollywood, Dianna revealed that Demi’s addictions and problems were causing the family to split apart. She told Demi at the time ‘This is it, you have to make a change or else we’re all going our separate ways,’ and that she would take the family back to Texas if she didn’t change, because she didn’t want Madison to be around this.

Part 1 – Demi Lovato has shared details about her drinking, drug use and her cutting. Now, the young star opens up about her recovery and the extreme measures her mom took to get her clean and sober. Part 2 – Demi Lovato also discusses how she hopes to de-stigmatize mental illness, especially when it comes to her most misunderstood issue – cutting. More quotes & excerpts below!

As Demi Lovato struggled with her addiction issues, it was the threat of not being able to see her younger sister that helped the star turn the corner towards sobriety. The 21-year-old (who wrote her book “Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year”) and her mom, Dianna, opened up to Kit Hoover from the set of “The X Factor” on Monday about how she was able to finally get sober. “The last time that I had an intervention, it was my management, my entire team, manager, lawyers, everyone and my parents coming into a room saying if you don’t get sober – my mom specifically said, ‘You know, we’re going to move back to Texas and you’re not going to be able to be around you’re little sister,’” Demi recalled. The idea of not being able to see younger half-sister, Madison De La Garza, 11, who played Eva Longoria’s daughter on “Desperate Housewives,” was key to Demi finally making serious changes.

“I couldn’t allow her, at that point, to be around her little sister because of the things that we found out, that really were going on,” Dianna said of Demi, who battled with drug and alcohol abuse, an eating disorder and depression. “I had to set an example for Madison… I had to protect her and [Demi] knew that,” the star’s mom continued. “So when I said, ‘I’m moving back to Texas,’ she knew that I finally meant it that time, and that’s when we all sat down with her and said, ‘This is it, you have to make a change or we’re all going our separate ways because if you don’t want this career, we’re not going to want it for you,’” Dianna said. Dianna’s strong words were enough to finally push Demi to seek the help she needed.

“And that was the last time and that’s when the big turnaround happened,” Demi’s mom explained. “It happened that night, that very night.” Looking back, Demi says the time she spent in rehab in 2010 opened her eyes to countless unseen aspects of her life. “There’s too many things to name that I learned about myself… A lot of things happened to me with bullying and just other things that I will touch on later in life when I feel ready to talk about it,” Demi told Kit. “Things that happened that I realized weren’t OK and things that I blocked out of my memory or just didn’t think they were as severe as they were.”

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    “A lot of things happened to me with bullying and just other things that I will touch on later in life when I feel ready to talk about it,” Demi told Kit. “Things that happened that I realized weren’t OK and things that I blocked out of my memory or just didn’t think they were as severe as they were.””

    This part reminds me of her song Warrior, which IMO sounds something like she was sexually abused (go look at the lyrics) it was just so powerful and the lyrics seemed like it could relate to that and it”s so hard for her to sing it. anyway, im so proud of Demi and i hope she continues to overcome all her struggles and enablers go. She doesnt need to go back to her addictions. im just hoping she’ll realize that wilmer is not good for her. look at he did all his past “girlfriends” and conquests. specifically Lindsay Lohan. and even how he spoke openly about all her sexual escapades with almost all the teen it girls at the time. disgusting and pathetic. dont let him drag you demi you can do better

    • dfgssd

      Yes, I thought that too.
      I mean how can you be suicidal at such a young age, unless something horrible happened to you? I think she was molested or something similar.

      Also, I don’t think you should be judging her relationship.

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        I’m just saying Wilmer is KNOWN for messing with girls who have issues and taking advantage of them because they are unstable. Demi doesn’t need those type of people in her life especially at a time where she is in such a crucial part her in recovery

      • Kim

        @dfgssd I think a lot of people underestimate the emotional capacities of young children… I’m not sure why that is exactly. But I know for fact that depression can start as early as 10 years old because I experienced it firsthand (my mom lost her job and was depressed, she basically tuned into a witch). Some children are really sensitive I think. I know I was..

        • thesestrangelittlethings

          Kim, we had the same childhood! :P

  • Dara

    Poor Demi. She is so strong. No girl should EVER have to go through what Demi was going through. I’m so glad she’s doing better now!

  • Guest

    I have been of fan of Demi since 2008, and I think it is really good that she is continuing to share her story and going into more detail of it because this has help a lot of people going through these types of issues to get help too. Back in 2009, I started having a weird feeling when this interview in the video below that something was not right with Demi by looking into her eyes. However, I am so glad now that she is doing better and she is continuing to fight this battle.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      Her voice is so scratchy here — obvi bc eating disorder. So sad :( poor bb. She was so vague when describing ‘heartbreaks/emotional’ shit. It’s hard to watch and how everyone was in denial — everyone was saying how she did all these bad things and yet stans (like myself) were always saying NO THATS NOT TRUE etc.

  • sad

    Demi is still using, she is a very good manipulator

    • Stephanie

      and how do you know?

    • Laura

      she isn’t still using and you’re only saying this because she said she was a good manipulator in the past… get a life and stop causing shit

      • sad

        i don’t need to prove shit to you, you will see soon enough. she needs some real helpand she needs to stop lying to herself

  • ariana grande

    she doesn’t ever stop, it’s been like 3 years. why can’t we move onto something more positive, it’s getting old