Louis, ‘Zayn Malik Has A Big Heart’

Preview of never before seen footage from One Direction’s This Is Us DVD out December 17. Liam: ‘Zayn wears his heart on his sleeve. Louis: ‘He’s got a real big heart, even though he won’t admit it.’

Also: ‘He doesn’t like to get out of bed. So I woke him up, they had just done two shows that day. They’re back on the bus; I woke him up at three in the morning or something. Zayn likes to sleep, so I had to wake him up and we just set up in the studio in the hotel room. Zayn’s voice actually gives us the edge.’

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  • WatchOut

    I agree with Louis. Zayns voice is one of the best in the group and he hits all this high notes, it’s crazy.
    In my opinion he is also the best looking.

    • GentileJewel

      He also seems amazing as a person! :) You forgot that part!

      • WatchOut

        Sorry, yes I did. :)

  • GentileJewel

    Shocked! The heart part! I mean!

  • boystan

    “I’m a vampire get away.” lmao cutie

  • CHAR

    what does zayn say in the beginning??