Olivia & Nick Jonas Happy Holidays Photo

olivia-nick-jonas-happy-holidaysExciting this is a really popular time for engagements :)

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  • anon

    Nolivia is cute :)

  • not trying to be mean but…

    nick kinda looks like a reindeer

  • Amanda

    Am I the only one who thinks his eyes look cross eyed? ahaha love ya Nick

  • Naomi

    OMG NOT AGAIN! Why is she holding up two fingers?? that ruined the pic!

  • Naomi

    He is the one sitting down because she is taller than him lol

  • Naomi

    Can’t wait for these two to BREAK UP! It will happen just give them some time!

  • Naomi

    Let see who is gonna be his next gf.

    • stop

      They are not breaking up get a life stop posting if you have nothing nice to say.

      • Naomi

        Not yet..But soon!

        • anon

          the are getting married.

          • Naomi

            Yeah lol like he did with Delta right?

          • Chelsea

            If anyone will get married it will be blanda and joe b4 nick and that b*tch

          • KK

            Sorry but joe jonas is not getting married it could be nick and Olivia but I don’t think so eather

          • Chelsea

            I never said he was I basically said he was more likely to over Nick and Olivia. Joe and Blanda have lived together longer then Nick and Olivia have been together

          • yup

            actually joe said he knows nick will get married before him, so a lot you know.

          • Chelsea

            I know a lot more then u think and Joe said that when he started to date Blanda if u read NEW interviews he said he’d like to get married soon!! Shows what u know bitch!

  • yup

    this is a cute image. shes holding her fingers like that cause it’s supposed to be a funny image and it is.

    • Naomi

      Funny pic??? why is suppose to be a Christmas pic right??

      • yup

        all of the pictures are like this. ALL it was a funny picture photo shoot.

  • Duckyhoward15

    This is rude to me even between couples

  • cerenagee

    they look so cote I love it :)

  • RedneckAtHeart

    Was this at Joes party? Same ugly sweaters and backdrop.. And he looks a bit crossed eyed lol

  • jonas fan



    i’m sorry but nick’s head is tiny and her head it huge. if they have kid it will probably even out and be cute tho :]

  • ugh

    OLIVIA IS 5 3 she is not taller then nick. for the fifth time. she wears heals you know.

  • ijustneedyounow

    this chick is thirsty as fuck