Selena ‘A Man Won’t Define My Decisions’

selena-gomez-get-over-jelenaSelena is basically telling people to get over Jelena [And surely it’s something she really doesn’t want to think about anymore]. AMEN, preach it bb! This was posted in the picture of her and Demi on Instagram. Via SelenaBZ.


  • RegReach

    Now we wait for jsutin to post an old phot of them together

    • Silver

      True! OMG…. lol

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    There you go, she said it now I hope Jelena stans can get this shit into their heads.

    • Scar

      Oh God they’re worse then Jiley stans lmao their ” signs and secrets ” they try to expose about Jelena still being together is the funniest shit ever lmao hahah

  • trent

    unfortunately everything she’s going to post on instagram,twitter,Facebook beliebers are going to think its about justin. she doesn’t need him. he’s fine hiring hookers and having sex with strangers. if i was her i find a person who doesn’t act like an idiot. but unfortunately she lives in los angeles.

    • Guest

      But what the hell is wrong with everyone defending this chick so much? SHE IS THE ONE who hints on Bieber, why would people bring him out of nowhere? They don’t, Guess what selena fan, she hints on him and that’s why people talk about him and if you look at half of the comments weren’t even ”beliebers” normal people notice her indirect shades. Wake the hell up. Why doesn’t anyone mention Selena in Bieber’s instagram? Huh? Because HE himself never hints on her or posts anything that could make people think of her or relate to her. THAT’S why! SHE needs to move on and stop with her childish shit and her excuses damn I cannot believe how many people fall for it, I guess being America’s Sweetheart works. Blind people.

  • Alii

    You go girl.

  • wordtoyourmother

    Some beliebers make no sense, I seen so many comments on her instragram & on twitter telling her to keep Justin’s name out her mouth & to move on, but to me it seems like it’s beliebers are the ones that seem like they cant move on, they will specfically look at any of her tweets, and go on instragram just to see if it’s relating to justin shm

  • oops

    Some beliebers really think that Selena thinks about Justin 24/7. it’s pathetic she cant even take a simple pic without people screaming its about Justin or calling her names etc. Her life doesnt revolve around Justin and she is definitely over him 100%, How would you feel if someone kept reminding you of a relationship that happened months ago that you are CLEARLY over with. she has moved on (obsessed with charity lesbehonest ;) )and he obviously has too (by all these hookers he’s fucking). Let them both live without tearing them down.

  • fuck selena

    bitch your NOTHING without justin

    • true

      you should never tell someone they are “nothing” im sure she means a great deal to all her family, fans and friends, just because YOU dont care about her doesnt mean she’s “nothing”. EVERYONE has worth, even someone as hurtful and bitchy as you.

      • gross

        she’s still a nobody and nothing but a piece of fucking shit

        • true

          you dont even know her to be saying such hurtful things. It’s sad that you have to put others down just to feel good about yourself. i can tell youre one of those people who love to hate. you probably stalk Selena’s instagram and twitter just waiting to post a hateful comment as I see you were pretty quick to come to this post and even dedicate your username to someone you obviously don’t like for no reason. Please grow the fuck up and learn to have some respect for others or you wont make it in the real world.

          • gross

            i don’t even have instagram or twitter.. soooo no. & i don’t put her down to make myself better cuz who in the world would be jealous of that thing? and yes i do love to hate. deal with it.

  • idk

    This only means that no one really cared for her as an actress or singer… just as Justin Bieber’s girlfriend, now ex-girlfriend. This title will follow her for a long time..

    • fuck haters

      she was known before bieber and still known after dating him so bye…If no one cared for her as a singer or actress then she wouldnt be getting roles, which she is. and she wouldnt be selling, which she is, so again bye hater please let the door hit your ass on the way out maybe it will knock some sense into you

      • idk

        Eh, many flops in both career. Justin Bieber made her MORE famous and got her name around because of his status. She will always be known and titled as “Selena Gomez. Justin Bieber’s ex.” just like Jasmine Villegas. And my senses is telling me, you’re clearly bias and will despise anyone who speaks the truth or voice their opinion AGAINST Selena. Lol. Great fan! You go, girl!

  • lolumadhuh

    glad that relationship is over honestly..

  • ayeaye

    someone on twitter said demi and selena were at cheesecake factory yesterday in Chicago

  • oursong

    My goodness I really hope Selena’s not letting the mean/hateful/attacks get to her, poor girl, I feel bad for her because I feel like (not saying all) but I’ve seen many times were other fan bases like to stick together & pretty much bash her anything!! she has to deal with lovatics, smilers, beliebers ect. coming after her :s. Not by any means am I saying that she hasn’t done anything wrong or that she’s perfect, because even as a selena fan I myself have been like GURL you did not just do that, or I won’t always agree with some of the things she does said, but some people like reach for the skies!! No matter what she does or says some of you guys think there’s always a bad motives behined it, she’s not being genuine enough, she’s fake, it’s all pr, she’s a user, DAMN LET THE GIRL BREATHE!!!

  • Zaina

    You know what really gets me. How come Selena is the one using him? Think about it. When wizards came out in 2007 no one really knew Alex Russo or Selena Gomez. We all did because we watched disney. Did everybody else though not not really. Remember when she came out with Falling Down and then Naturally people started to know her then. Along comes 2009 . Oh, look it’s summer already. Justin Bieber comes along. Girls were requesting his music everytime everywhere. He is a huge hit overnight. Mind you, Selena was getting hit after hit at that time. Then comes the Ellen interview in 2010. Selena specifically said they were like brother and sister. 2011 they are seen running away from her set on Wizards of Waverly place. Brother and sister? I don’t think so. Then the big reveal. The vanity fair gala/party. Don’t you think it’s weird how the Mariah Yeater thing came and went. Personally, I think it was fake. It was meant to make a Michael Jackson situation into reality. Where is she now? They even made her look crazy. She dressed so mature for her age and not in a good way. Then the Ellen interview with Selena she looked so upset. Didn’t justin start acting douchey soon there after or more douchey. That put a strain on the beautiful gift to the world that was Jelena. Then break up after make up came about.

    Don’t you guys think it’s weird that Selena claimed he was like a brother then not long after started dating him. Look now though., Who is the one who seems more put together not him even if she did have that freak out last week. She still seems like a saint in comparison to Justin. It’s like she went back to the brother thing and now he’s the womanizer longing for attention after the love of his life left him for someone more mature.

    • Cici

      I think its strange you just dissected her life. Let it goooo.

      • Zaina

        That’s not even her life. That like five years of it. I am just saying I don’t think she used him. I think it was the other way around completely. That’s just my opinion though.

        • Zaina


        • Cici

          I can see that.

  • rach

    Hate when Selena speaks her mind she seen as bitch, but when Miley or Demi do it, you guys are like QUEEN!!!

  • RegReach

    Didnt jsutin say last week he is not a man….

  • Cici

    That’s my girl! <3

  • John northeast

    A man does define a women It tell the world that she is loving and caring appearly selena forgot that. She needs to come to her sense and get back with justin because she ain’t going to fine any one better and I am a freaking guy I see it in his all the matter music video was a message for selena. Tell her she all that matters to him. Is She stupid or something She turning into another Taylor swift is what she is doing and where justin favorite cloor sexy t shirt is a sign to me she missing him to all she need to do is to call him up and said i want you back that all.