Selena Gomez Seduces Chicago Nights

selena-gomez-chicago-nights-seduction (2)selena-gomez-chicago-nights-seduction (1)OMG Selena’s nipple is almost showing! #FREETHENIPPLE

  • lesbehonest

    I’m not surprised she’s having yet another “girls night” Selena isn’t trying to hide she’s interested in girls at all anymore, it’s almost hilarious tbh.

    • cerenagee

      She’s a girl with friends like hop off.

      • lesbehonest

        A girl who is constantly hitting on her female dancers, and let’s not forget all her post about sammi and the “she’s just so” C’mon just accept the fact she’s over fucking guys, and obviously trying out her options dumbass.

        • forreal

          her & charity are def together. i seen that shit on tumblr on selenaexposed or some shit… this nasty whore fame is a lesssssbian

          • Silver

            There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a Lesbian…. some of the most beautiful people on earth are gay. Ellen DeGeneres, Wentworth Miller, that swimmer dude…

        • Tash

          ibe never actually even considered her to be a lesbian. Hmmmm, for me it just looks like she desperately wants to show the world that she’s over biebs and she doesn’t need a man and maybe even showing biebs that she’s just fine and just needs her girls. Cos friends do take the back seat in relationships and especially towards the end, her girls did not like him and wanted her to kick him to the curb.

  • cerenagee

    Selena is so sexy. I can’t even.

    To all the sel is a lesbo commentors: fuck off dude. Since when was it a crime for girls to be friends? So ridic

  • Lina

    Love this Selena. Used to not be able to stand her fake personality. Feel like she’s finally opened up and being genuine.

    • Tash

      I feel like she’s still fake. Like she’s always putting up a front. Cos she always has this smile and blank/pleasant facial expression constantly. Unless she’s just someone who has an empty personality. Who knows.

  • Mellz89

    Lol OU ur tags crack me up lol love selly

  • anonymous

    one day we’ll learn about her drug issues

  • Misha Collins

    Selena is such a babe.

  • Tash

    The pic makes them look like prostitutes who are high. Just like biebsies type. Haha. Selena looks more so like the high end jezebel. The others just look dirty.