Steven R. McQueen ‘I Came First Bieber’

Sorry Justin, but guess who came first.. # hugethrowbackThe Vampire Diaries star Steven R. McQueen posted then deleted a picture with Selena Gomez with the caption: ‘Sorry Justin, but guess who came first.. # hugethrowback’. Actually, too bad she didn’t date him instead..

  • cerenagee

    She looks way cuter with him and he looks like he’d be way sweeter

    • Anna

      As a TVD fan I have watched videos of him and he seems to be a sweetheart. He is always really nice to fans and seems very genuine and humble.

  • guest

    What is he trying to say ? He fvcked Selena before Beiber did ?

    • chill out

      He was making a joke…chill.

  • Sandy McFarlane

    lmao the SHADE

  • ety

    this picture looks like a manip tho

  • javi g

    this kid is the grand kid of steve macqueen he has hollywood blood in his vains. imagine if selena had his babies.

    • Silver

      He is 25…. hardly a kid… unless you are 40 of course.

  • Vicky

    This is a manip, its a photo from the jingle ball 2010 red carpet.

  • CharmingMonster

    It looks photoshopped. Did he really posted this? Like really?