Taylor ‘I Use My Phone To Apply Makeup’

taylor-swift-phone-makeupswift Using my phone camera as a mirror to re-apply red lipstick turned into..

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  • cerenagee

    she looks so down to earth and fun to hang out with

  • Alii


  • anonymous

    i’m not buying taylor

    • Anon

      Woah you can buy people now??? Totally cool!!1!!1…ya know unless you meant her perfume, then yes that’s very understandable and makes sense

  • .

    She looks really young here.

  • queenamandabynes

    wow, i have never seen her with black friends.nice to know she isnt racist

    • liz

      lmao this was my initial thought as well. all her close friends we’ve seen are white

      • yeah i said it

        true lol, and a lot of selena’s friends a black and its kinda weird how she hasn’t been hanging with selena much now. literally all her friends (apart from selena and demi?) were white.

        • yeah i said it

          are* not a lol

  • boystan

    i use my phone to fix my hair

    • Anonymous

      I was expecting people to be all like “Noone uses there pone 2 fix there hair, shes soooo stupidd and wierd” Thank goodness no.

      • Anonymous

        Oh gosh, I meant makeup!

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    This is so cute! Her eyes in the fourth pic, beautiful.