Ariana Grande Boob Job Instagram Video

omg!!1!! ariana grande had A bOob job!!! things to do instead of fight with each other on Instagram all day long (except don’t really jump off a cliff.. jk about that)

  • misssterry

    her voice is just so amazing. but i’m still not sure if i like her yet

    • dsifsdkjljodfkodfk

      i feel you bro

  • Dara

    Oh my God. The last vine at the end. I was NOT expecting that. Ughhh I want to like her, but I just can’t

    • Cici

      I really enjoy her music…but after that last Vine, I came to the conclusion that she is a bitch.

      • Laura

        I take it you have no clue what she was meaning she was sick of the drama so she told the truth people do need to get a life & that is honesty

        • Cici

          because i’m the only one who got the bitch vibe from her? k. Her arrogance was quite vibrant in that video, just sayin.

          • Caitlyn D

            not even close to the only one that gets that vibe from her.

  • soft ghetto

    this is what a narcissist looks like.

    • Caitlyn D

      true true true

  • cerenagee

    Honestly I didn’t think she was being that bitchy. She’s definitely into herself and I can tell she does have a superior attitude but I thought it was funny.

  • boom

    every time i start to like her just a little cause i do like her music she gives me another reason just to say no and to think that she’s fake. she seems like she thinks she’s better than others. and HOW DARE she say “get a job” this bitch has no idea how hard it is to get a job nowadays (i have one but lets be real) Obviously our county wouldnt be suffering as much if it was that fucking easy for people to get a job dumb ass. i hate when celebrities or people with money in general think that people without jobs are lazy and dont want one say that to the millions of people applying for a job everyday hoping their life will change and they can finally be able to feed their family again. YOU jump off a cliff, ariana. conceited brat.

    • Laura

      I don’t have a job either because I struggle to get one but I never took it as a fucking insult, she is basically meaning do something better with your time then spending it spreading hate online and tbh you are proving her right you cant even watch her videos without calling her a conceited bitch about 1 video you watched, so don’t judge her you could give food to a homeless guy or read a book or get a life.

    • Dara


  • boystan

    lmao i love her

  • Marina And My Diamonds


    • D


      • Marina And My Diamonds

        LOL, bye!

  • adele

    looks like she’s reading a list…she really needs to change some of the people around her if she’s gonna grow as a person and artist. They seem detached from the real world. We now know why she rarely shows her right side of her face. She has a cluster of either zits or moles there.

    • forreal

      she has a hairy mole ive heard

  • Laura

    people on here are absolutely pathetic, she was sick of the drama on instagram so she made a funny video & its true when she says get a job she is meaning do something provocative with your life instead of spending your god knows pathetic time starting unwanted drama and doing hate… I’m sorry but half of you really need to stop saying she is a brat or being mean and realize that she is right and its the truth

    • Lauren

      Amen to everything you just said! people are ridiculous and she is hilarious.

  • ashleyofcourse


  • thesestrangelittlethings

    Wait, can someone tell me what was ‘bitchy’ about the last vine?

    • cerenagee

      Just because she said get a life, get a job and jump off of a cliff. I picked up that she’s probably arrogant but honestly I thought it was hilarious and think people just need to lighten it up and not take it so seriously.

  • LikeICare

    idk how i feel about this
    Get a job: bitch
    Go to school: bitch
    Go to the gym: ok
    read a book: ok
    watch a movie: ok
    spend time with your family: um
    give food to a homeless man: preach
    jump off a cliff: stfu
    adopt an animal: um
    tumblr thing: preach
    Result: it’s kinda funny but if you look too much into it its stupid and she sounded bitchy

  • wow

    Omg seriously? Why is she doing all these plastic surgeries? It’s not like she’s ugly or anything… Ok, maybe she didn’t have boobs and we all know in Hollywood many people get a boob job. But the nose job? Like SERIOUSLY? Her nose was great before, there was nothing wrong with it. It looks like she’s rude and bitchy because really on the inside she’s insecure and needs to act like she’s superior. Wow, girl, just no. Just stop.

  • Lauren

    omg people take her way too seriously. She’s obviously just having a laugh and poking fun at how dramatic people are with reading into things. Personally I full on cracked up over it, she’s hilarious & just being herself. Her fans get her humour and that’s all she should really give a shit about tbh. People who find this offensive need to take a breath and hope they get a sense of humour for Christmas.

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