• Rosemary

    The fuck?

  • threelittlebirds

    This is sooo photoshopped.

    • amy

      of course it is photoshopped. Joe is the person who posted this.

    • peri13

      lol obviously

  • Guest

    Hahahahaha Joe always come up with funny pictures to post up his Instagram like that Christmas photo with the holiday sweaters lol.

  • peri13

    he’s high..

    • GentileJewel


  • Cici

    This is great.

  • ty

    haha he always funny

  • taty

    Didn’t Miley do the kitten crying when she sang and cut her hair and now Joe is doing the same lol is he joking with

    • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

      what the actual fuck, it’s not all about miley

  • cerenagee

    Haha uhm niceee Joe. I’ve just come to the conclusion he was high AF when posting this haha only logical thing to me.

    • GentileJewel

      You do realize you are being Stupid! Not that that is hard for you!

  • Siel

    Stop trying to convince us that you like pussy, Joe.

    • GentileJewel

      Shut Up! Brat!

  • kk

    so funny!!

  • Sir Doctor of TARDIS


    • GentileJewel


  • Stacey

    I love Joe and his sense of humor hahaha the pictures he shares are so random and odd but it’s hilarious!! he’s the best

  • Misha Collins

    He looks like a serial killer lol

    • GentileJewel

      Not! Funny!

      • anon

        Learn to take a joke geez

  • yobro

    Seriously people, just because someone posts funny things on instagram it means they’re high? lol y’all are taking it to another level. Joe has aaalways been this funny since we’ve known him, so let him be :) that’s what makes him great.