Pink ‘Hope Women Will Keep Clothes On’


  • Cici

    Oh this was great! Love her. I am so glad she is getting recognized for her talents. Such a strong, badass woman!

  • Clauber


  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Me too, pink, me too.

  • Rah

    I absolutely love P!nk, but I find this so hypocritical. Like Katy Perry, she has a history of wearing revealing or skimpy clothing on stage. Despite that, I think she’s an amazing woman, a very talented artist, and deserves “Woman of the Year”.

  • Throwback Thursday

      “I hope to inspire women to put her clothes on.”

      • taty

        kind of funny the people that has wored skimpy cloths she one of them say that kinda hypocritical don’t you think lol.

        • whatthe

          Yeah, like seriously, so weird that celebs that are usually classy, like Selena for example and always keep their clothes on, don’t criticize Miley, but the ones that have done several trashy things are being totally hypocrite. It seems they all want attention or what? Idk what’s going on.

    • :)

      When was this taken? lmao

      Wan’t she drunk as shit on stage when accepted an award?

    • Hollyhysteria

      This is from like 2007. People change for the better.

  • :)

    She’s such a fucking hypocrite!!!!

  • Misha Collins

    When I was 14 I was so obsessed with her music and I could relate to it so much. To see how she turned into this wonderful woman makes me feel like there is still hope for me lol