Stars Dance Ranked Better Than Bangerz

SPIN’s Top 20 Pop Albums Of 2013: #1. HAIM #2. M.I.A. #3 Tegan & Sara #4 Justin Timbelake #5 Charli XCX #6 Sky Ferreira #7 Robin Thicke #8 Ariana Grande #9 Lorde #10 Avicii #11 Paramore #12 Selena Gomez #13 Katy Perry #14 Lady Gaga #15 Dungeonesse #16 Pet Shop Boys #17 CHVRCHES #18 Little Mix #19 Aluna George #20 Miley Cyrus

Do YOU agree with the rankings?

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  • WatchOut

    Lorde and Ariana are higher ranked than both of them and Little mix is higher ranked than Bangerz.

    To be honest I Katy, Gaga and Miley really diserpointed me. I was excited for the album because the all said it’s something new and it wasn’t.
    The only one who did amazing is JT.

  • j

    so the girl “who can’t sing” rank better ;)

    • Alii

      Her songs are better.

      • ayy lmao

        Even more embarrassing.

        • Rinni

          Too bad she aint selling

          • Nikki

            Lol true a lot of these albums sold wayyyy better than hers

  • Ricardo

    Where’s Demi?

    • lmao

      not even on top 20…looks like her sob story didn’t work

      • Alii

        Be grateful you didn’t go through the hell she went through.

        • Will

          some people got it a lot worse than her. People with million debts and dying from poverty? People who got raped, abused by their own family, gets bullied everyday for their race! Demi had none of that! Getting into drugs was a choice! Getting raped, being made fun because of race, born into poverty wasn’t a choice! Stop making as if she’s the most suffering person in the world!!

          • cerenagee

            Woah you just totally took it to a whole different level.

          • laura

            you don’t know that.
            she is definitely not the most suffering person in the world but I think it is great that she makes people aware of mental illnesses and their consequences.
            Getting into drugs wasn’t a choice, it probably was her only escape of reality. none of those things is ever a choice.
            poverty and world hunger is hardly comparable to mental illnesses. it’s completely different but both are serious problems.

          • Wow

            You’re so fucked up.

  • cerenagee


  • sel

    glad there’s no Demi, yay for Selena!

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      Shut up.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    JT and Ariana are right where they need to be. Stars Dance (a silly title tbh) was way better to listen to than Bangerz (stupid title). So this list is understandable.

  • Paul

    where’s Demi who people on this site claimed God’s gift to music?? flop again?

    • WatchOut

      This is not about sales.
      Because Demis album had good sales and better once than Little Mix.
      so to say she is a flop is just rude and not true.

    • laura

      At least Demi writes her own songs, has a great voice and is open about her past to support other people.
      please just shut your gob.

      • Mandy

        Open about her past? *snorts* She didn’t even admitted that she went multiple times into rehab in 2012. She lied about being clean so that she could be a judge on X Factor AND she’s dealing with lies because of her douche boyfriend. I feel sorry for her because she’s a mess who can’t battle her own demons.

        • cerenagee

          What are you talking about? The fact that she openly told us the things that we now know is her being open about her past like are you serious?

          • Mandy

            She wasn’t clearly open about her past if she can’t tell almost half of it. She’s going in circles.

          • cerenagee

            She’s opening up more and more. And since when did being a celebrity mean you had to explain every single detail in your life of everything that’s ever happened to you?

        • laura

          should she? should she really tell everything? she might be famous but she has a right to have at least some privacy. it’s not like she’s lying about anything so it’s perfectly ok not to tell everything.
          Or would you want your entire past to be known by everyone on this world? I sure as hell wouldn’t.

  • Lea

    No matter what some people say, Stars Dance is a really favorable album — even to men. Surprisingly, one of the best after the anticipated artists. I get why Miley titled her album Bangerz tbh, ’cause when you listen to the album after the first track Adore You (really her best song yet), you might wanna BANG your head on a wall so the music can stop.

  • Jasmine

    Demi, even though talented, yes, IS A WRECK. Her album is really good, but idk, it’s like her album’s just summer-y that no one gives a damn about it after summer. Sadly, I think she’s a flop.

  • Loli

    I think Selena album was good but its for short time not in a long term ,Miley was good too not the best but good enough specially wrecking ball. , this song will be remembered ,

    • taty

      selena album suck is has lyrics of a child like telling is my birthday over and over I was getting a headache not to mention comeo and get, come get what? nannananan really, selena entired album was a complete dumbass lyrics, the only reason it sold is because it had no competition, and Disney all they did it was promoted a horrible lyrically album, miley album lyrically is a lot more depth compare to selena album also miley can sing while selena cant sing, kids buying selena bad album is pathetic, I guess people have no taste, I mean I find selena lazy at least give a good album lyrically if you cant sing or dance, put some effort I admire miley because at least she works hard on her album.

      • Loli

        Relax babyy i know miley can sing but i like some of selena songs not her singing she cant sing anyways

  • Miley HBIC

    nobody cares about Spin…….so this list is shit!

  • Cici

    Selena’s album is so good! I just think Demi needs to mature her sound.

    • taty

      wow are you that dumb that you can see the lyrics are childish any kids can write that, she not mature mentally if she was sgoing to pick songs at least pick something with more depth. selena album lyrically is horrible

      • Cici

        It’s fun. Lighten up!

    • Cimbom

      are you from a caave or what? demi has talent selena not :)

      • Cici

        Never said she didn’t have talent. My opinion was i think she needs to mature her sound. Learn to read.

  • laura

    The fact that Robin Thicke is on place 7 only makes it clearer that this list is shit. That ass hole shouldn’t even be mentioned.

    • Cici

      What’s wrong with his music?

      • laura

        the way he portrays women is absolutely disgusting.

        • Cici

          True, but his sex sells. :/ I have always been a fan of his music & his voice, but some of those songs are too much coming from a female perspective.

          • laura

            yeah, he’s a great singer but some of his lyrics are just crossing the line.

  • .

    I’m happy for HAIM, M.I.A., Sky Ferreira and CHVRCHES!

  • anon

    It is the opinion of ONE site. There are various others that ranked Bangerz better

    • :)

      No shit. But you won’t see OU post that.

  • javi g

    katy perry should have been # 1 and selena like 2 or 3 good album but its not as good as perry. and miley’s shoudint been in the list.

  • javi g

    i think this list depends of you music taste. i like selena’s and katy’s albums. because i love that kind of pop music. also i love paramore and I’m digging avicci.

  • WHT

    This list is based on someone’s opinion? Well, that’s why Demi’s album isn’t here. I don’t get it, her album is much better than Selena’s. Selena’s songs are childish like seriously “BIRTHDAY”?? What a joke. Gaga’s and Katy’s are below Selena’s LOL I’m dying, what a crappy list. Only OU (the Selena’s ass kissers) to post something like that.

    • :)

      True dat!!!!

  • Aly

    I think it’s bullshit that some people who’s songs are meaningless get to be on top just because it’s fun…okay…I personally love Demi’s album because SHE SINGS WITH EMOTION and she means EVERY WORD she WROTE! I don’t hate Selena and her songs are fun but they aren’t considered real music.

    • jay

      Truth indeed! :)

  • Emmy

    Why are you all paying attention to what SPIN says? Rolling Stone, EW, The Guardian, and many other sites have ranked Bangerz very high, and Stars Dance is nowhere to be seen on those lists.

    I listened to both of those albums, and there is no comparison. Bangerz was a splash of personality, great arrangements & increasing musical depth, and killer vocals. Stars Dance was mediocre and lacking any sort of personality. And I must mention that Selena most be the worst singer in the entire music industry. It’s pitiful that someone like her is lacking in so much talent, but gets so many opportunities.

    I did listen to Demi’s album. It was as generic as Selena’s. Neither of them have a real musical perspective and are too obsessed with pleasing others to be real artists. Also, they are trying too hard to emulate specific people in the industry and it falls flat.

    Bangerz will become a classic, mark my words.

  • Geo. Logic

    Pretty funny, since Selena sings like crap.

  • ivan

    Who made this list? a bunch preteens?

  • Rah

    I really hated “Stars Dance”, but I didn’t expect to like it. I’ve not yet enjoyed a song sung by Selena Gomez. “Bangerz” was a bit of a try-hard album in my opinion, her slower, more ballad-esque songs were great, but the rest was crap (except #GETITRIGHT, love that one). I really don’t agree with a lot of this list, though I can’t speak to the artists I don’t know.

  • Penultimate

    Actually Stars Dance is any day a better album than Bangerz, I mean I was able to enjoy most of the songs in Stars Dance while only 3-4 songs in Bangerz! That explains all! But Stars Dance was really a good album! I just think Birthday could’ve been better in lyrics!

  • BrokenArrow18

    Selena deserves it cause she worked so hard! She got to call the producers and tell em what she wanted this time yay! lol jk.

    Imo, bangerz wasnt THAT good to be #1 but i think it deserved a better stop and YAY TEGAN AND SARA i love love love their album!

  • Allz


  • Emmatome

    Selena’s album is pretty good. I mean, you can listen to most of the songs without getting bored. She isn’t able to sing most of the songs live, tho.

  • Evaluator of Music

    I feel sad that Demi is not on the list.