Demi Lovato Cries X-Factor + Beyoncday

demi-cryingFF to 3:20 to see her cry. Happy Beyoncday! I KNOW!! Why do I ALWAYS CRY?!! Haha RT @TKARD: hahaha @ddlovato is a MESS. you got me all emotionally tangled with you bb. @AlexandSierra3 My daddy.

RT @lovatombre: @ChrisTrondsen @ddlovato why did you say that you have such a strong connection to the song Gravity?? #AskDemi My nails for tonight using my Safari and In Love kits!!! Thank youuuu @stephstonenails

  • Rosemary

    Thanks for posting a video of Demi crying. That’s interesting to hear.

  • cerenagee

    Bey’s album<3 Beyonce over everythannnggg

  • these bitches

    Is it that hard for this shitty site to post the fucking video from the official channel? Always the same shit, posting the lower quality videos. Do your fucking job idiots.