Harry Styles London Photos + Wine Date?

harr-styles-wine-date1d-worldwideHarry Styles spotted posing with a fan holding a bottle of wine. Is Harry going on a date in London? When Kendall Jenner was asked by E! News what’s going on with her and Harry, she said: ‘Nothing to say, no deets.’Kendall with Kylie by her side said: ‘We’re not single. We’re taken by each other!. Kendall and Kylie dating!’ Also, Midnight Memories debuted at #1 worldwide!

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  • Duckyhoward15

    He had other things in his basket lol sure a wine date .

  • cerenagee

    Either that girl is tiny or Harry is a giant. He looks so tall here. So tall and freakin sexy. Mmmmm

  • liz

    you know, he would be so hot if he had a different personality. or like if he actually had respect for women. what a shame

  • feez

    date with nick grimshaw

  • anon

    Damn! 1D are monsters in WW sales. 1.6M in two weeks D:

  • ihavenoname

    maybe he just likes wine…

  • Mellz89

    i have to say,harry is a very attractive man :)
    so much charisma <3